Amy Kerswell

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Amy Kerswell Poems

1. I'Ve Met The End Of The Road. 4/30/2006
2. When I'M Dead And Gone. 5/1/2006
3. Bllod Tears1 5/9/2006
4. Does Justice Exist 5/18/2006
5. Let Down Again 5/18/2006
6. Luaghter That Was Not Mine 5/18/2006
7. When I Close My Eyes 5/19/2006
8. To Hell With Life 5/28/2006
9. My Death Is Near. 5/28/2006
10. Untrusty Hands 5/29/2006
11. When You Came 5/29/2006
12. I Remember 5/29/2006
13. I Can Just Picture You All Sitting There 2 5/29/2006
14. I Walk Besides You 7/5/2006
15. Im Never Far Away 7/5/2006
16. I Ve Slipped Through The Door 7/5/2006
17. You Took My Rights Away 7/6/2006
18. The Touch 7/6/2006
19. Flashbacks 2 7/6/2006
20. When I'M Dead And Gone 2 7/6/2006
21. If I Were To Kill Myself Tonight 7/6/2006
22. My Only Way Out Is Towards The Light Of Death 7/6/2006
23. My Life Has Been Taken Over 7/6/2006
24. I Have Memories And Flashbacks Of Hell 7/6/2006
25. Lying Here Dead Like A Rag Doll 7/6/2006
26. Stop Trying To Save Me 7/10/2006
27. Standing Above Looking Down On You After Suicide 7/10/2006
28. Rememeber I Told You 7/10/2006
29. Do You Hear My Cries 7/10/2006
30. Lifes Paths 7/11/2006
31. With A Flash 5/30/2006
32. I Shall Keep Trying To End It 7/10/2006
33. I Just Want To Die 7/10/2006
34. No One Hears Me Scream 7/10/2006
35. Why Wont You Let Me Die 7/10/2006
36. Hurting 7/10/2006
37. I Had To Do It 7/10/2006
38. Please Dont Judge Me 5/31/2006
39. You Left Without A Goodbye. 5/31/2006
40. Foot Steps 6/1/2006

Comments about Amy Kerswell

  • Dawn Michelle (4/23/2007 7:46:00 PM)

    Love your poems.
    Keep up the great work.


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  • Kee Thampi (3/20/2007 11:21:00 PM)

    Accept me for who and what I am.
    You may have known me once.
    But Im a different person now.
    I love the poems of this young poet......she writes from heart, fugitive in words and feels

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  • Luke Frake (6/4/2006 3:52:00 PM)

    I really love your work, its beautifull and a great read.
    i really think you can go far, your work its self has brought me to tears.
    im glad your other the thoughts you were having, i agree how you feel, wrighting makes it easier to think.
    your work is beautifull. and im sure the that you will be fine, there will be hard days, but good days as well.
    hopfully reading this is making you smile. and dont worry im not coming on to you.
    just wishing you the very best, as your poems have made me want to let you no what i think.
    good luck with the future.
    and if you ever want anyone to talk to, i wont be just a wall *smile*


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Best Poem of Amy Kerswell

Innocence Lost And Pain Gained.

I lost my innocence.
Not once not twice but more times than I can count.
It was becuase of bastards.
Bastards who wanted to hurt.
I lost my innocence and gained pain.

On the day you raped me.
I lost everything.
Lost my innocence.
Lost my life.
Lost my happiness.
Lost my way of being.

You raped me.
You didnt lose anything.
You gained the power.

I lost every thing that day.
All I was to gain was pain.
I lost more than one thing.
I lost my innocence.
But gained the pain

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The Tragic Words.

I hated the words I was hearing.
But I had to be told.
My beloved grandad was dying.
Cancer was about to take his life.

I didnt want to listen To the words.
I knew That his life would soon end.
I hated this cruel way of life.
I dispised realaity it cut like a knife.

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