Amy Kerswell Poems

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Scared To Trust

Im scared to trust now.
I had my trust broken many times before.
I was left a broken girl.
I still am broken inside.

Colours Of Pain

Red deep and red angry red.
For her eyes only see the anger thats around her.
Blue for the thousands of tears cried.
Black for the despair and depression life brings her way.

The Only Way

Some days I just wish.
I could run and hide.
No matter where I go.
Suicide seems my only way.

Innocence Lost And Pain Gained.

I lost my innocence.
Not once not twice but more times than I can count.
It was becuase of bastards.
Bastards who wanted to hurt.

A Bright Red Scream

I have bright red angry screams.
Not within the voice of me.
But in the cuts on my arms.
I cut and cut.

Im Lost

Im dying inside.
Inside im lost.
Inside i feel pain.
Inside Im dead

I'Ll Never Forget

I never forget what happened
I'll never forget what they did.
They used rape and abuse
To have power over me.

Anger Rages Inside

Anger is bubbling away at me.
Burning a whole in my heart.
Making me burn with rage.
I have good reason to be angry.

Accept That This Is Me

Accept me for who I am.
Dont hate me becuase
Im not the person
You think I should be.

The Scars Inside Will Not Heal.

There is noubt different than being raped