A Bright Red Scream Poem by Amy Kerswell

A Bright Red Scream

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I have bright red angry screams.
Not within the voice of me.
But in the cuts on my arms.
I cut and cut.
Now my scream is out and free.
My screams are nasty red cuts.
Angrier by the day.

Each cut is my
My bright red scream.
Every cut a new scream.
Screaming louder and louder.

The bright red scream.
Sets me free
If not for long
Just for a while.

Sophia White 31 May 2006

Freedom does not come from pain, or screams. Freedom is found in trusting Jesus Christ, Amy, and that's as simple as it gets. Stop screaming - lean on Him.

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Jim Foulk 28 December 2006

yes amy, this is a very powerful poem. and you know it is good to write, there is things in can write in words, that you really do not know how to say it in words. writitng does get our feelings out, he does release that anger withing us, keep writing you are a very talented young lady. things will get better just hang in there.

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Laura Green 08 August 2006

Wow, Amy. You've writen a heck of a lot of poems but this one is definately one of the strongest and probably the best you've written yet! I love the powerful emotion this poem is overflowing with.

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Nicole Morris 17 June 2006

wow thats really deep and i really like it. it is probably my favorite. i really like it because i can relate to it, i kno wat it's like to cut i do it myself i tried to stop but it's just once u get used to it u dont kno what else to do and im sry that u kno wat its like also but if u wanna talk im here and once againi love this poem. *Nicole* hearts&hugs

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Suchoon Mo 05 June 2006

This poem has much potential. It is about a silent scream which shouts in tragic red color. It is almost Zen-like in its powerfulness.

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Sweetie Sarah<3 31 May 2006

i know that thas like. you can't stop becuz you forget all ur fears...and wat makes u angry. i cant make you stop...becuz i do it too. sry Sweetie Sarah

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