Colours Of Pain Poem by Amy Kerswell

Colours Of Pain

Rating: 3.9

Red deep and red angry red.
For her eyes only see the anger thats around her.
Blue for the thousands of tears cried.
Black for the despair and depression life brings her way.

Red is all she sees.
For the anger that fills her within.
Anger that has lived for so long.
While she trys to figure where it went wrong.

Blue for the tears.
Tears that will not fall.
There no water fall.

Blak for the dispare and depression.
That life has brought her way.

Liza Sudina 17 November 2016

Amy, this is a crying poem of pain. But behind all pain - we once would find and feel one color of Love - white. Cheer up!

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Colonel Muhamad Khalid Khan 17 November 2016

A very thought provoking poem Amy.Congrats on being member of the day. Col Muhammad KhalidKhan

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Edward Kofi Louis 17 November 2016

Life and pain! ! Depression! But still with hope. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 17 November 2016

Red, black and blue....... You can turn them into pink...... Congrats for being selected for the day......

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Marieta Maglas 17 November 2016

Anger that has lived for so long. While she trys to figure where it went wrong.- beautiful poem -voted 10

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Savita Tyagi 17 November 2016

Energy of emotions specially the negative ones is very intense and fierce. You have a too in your hands to turn it around in right direction. It is expressed so wonderfully. Congratulations for member poem place.

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Clarence Prince 17 November 2016

Red is all she sees, For the anger that fills her within, Anger that has lived for so long. To rid of those sorts of anger, one has to forgive and forget, and move on! Thanks for sharing!

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Indira Renganathan 17 November 2016

To be wise is to think about how to get over or to divert oneself towards something pleasant...there are lots of such things in this world like nature, , music e.t.c for us to study...why to cry over spilt milk....above all pain is a lesson for us to learn about life too....God bless you- 10

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