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Im scared to trust now.
I had my trust broken many times before.
I was left a broken girl.
I still am broken inside.

Red deep and red angry red.
For her eyes only see the anger thats around her.
Blue for the thousands of tears cried.
Black for the despair and depression life brings her way.

Some days I just wish.
I could run and hide.
No matter where I go.
Suicide seems my only way.

I have bright red angry screams.
Not within the voice of me.
But in the cuts on my arms.
I cut and cut.

Im dying inside.
Inside im lost.
Inside i feel pain.
Inside Im dead

I never forget what happened
I'll never forget what they did.
They used rape and abuse
To have power over me.

Anger is bubbling away at me.
Burning a whole in my heart.
Making me burn with rage.
I have good reason to be angry.

There is noubt different than being raped

I walk around like a zombie.
A reflection of a corpse.
Like Im in a body thats not mine.
A body depression has invaded.

In loving memory.

Grandad was the best.
With his grey hair.

Im lost within a world
A little world of my own.
Not quite real
Or even humane.

So very numb inside.
I do feel.
So very empty and numb.
Will ever feel again,

The silent screams inside
Nobody does hear
But me.

Today I realised something.
Death can wait.
Why should I end my life?

When I was a child you hurt me.
I was nothing but a mere girl.
I was only 5 years old.
I couldnt fight you couldnt fend you off.


Im a person lost.
Im lost in my despair.
Lost within my fears.
As my despair deepens.

A million tears cryed.
Still the hurt lingers on.
The greif stays with meeach day.
I miss you more each day.

Alone I shall now walk.
All alone with nobody near.
And nobody to hear.

I know a lady called misery.
That is me and my life.

I encountered an angel called evil.

I am an angel.
I am of no good.
Im an angel but more like a parasite.
I feed on your fears.

Amy Kerswell Biography

My name is amy im 19 years old I have been raped abused and molestered hence the fact some of my poems are about abuse and anger. I feel suicidal some times but am over this now and controll it I'm not over the abuse I doubt I ever will be. I hope to be a writer. Althogh I write poems to express my emotions of words I cannot speak. Somehow writing helps with things I've been through. But really its my passion and what I love. The best author I've ever read is torey hayden whoes books are inspiring and a grate read.)

The Best Poem Of Amy Kerswell

Scared To Trust

Im scared to trust now.
I had my trust broken many times before.
I was left a broken girl.
I still am broken inside.

I simply cannot trust.
Its not you its me.
My trust cant be broken again.

So dont ask me to trust
Cos I cant do it.
Im to scared to trust

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Dawn Michelle 23 April 2007

Love your poems. Keep up the great work. =) -Dawn

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Kee Thampi 20 March 2007

Accept me for who and what I am. You may have known me once. But Im a different person now. I love the poems of this young poet......she writes from heart, fugitive in words and feels

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Luke Frake 04 June 2006

I really love your work, its beautifull and a great read. i really think you can go far, your work its self has brought me to tears. im glad your other the thoughts you were having, i agree how you feel, wrighting makes it easier to think. your work is beautifull. and im sure the that you will be fine, there will be hard days, but good days as well. hopfully reading this is making you smile. and dont worry im not coming on to you. just wishing you the very best, as your poems have made me want to let you no what i think. good luck with the future. and if you ever want anyone to talk to, i wont be just a wall *smile* xxx luke

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