Amy Louise Kerswell

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Amy Louise Kerswell Poems

1. Victimized 3/21/2007
2. Imprisoned 3/22/2007
3. All Alone In The World Of My Despare 3/22/2007
4. Gazing Suicide 3/22/2007
5. The Final Call 3/23/2007
6. Cursed 3/27/2007
7. Hate 4/3/2007
8. Am I Not A Person? 5/28/2007
9. Although I Now Choose Death 5/28/2007
10. An Angel Named Evil 5/28/2007
11. Angel Of Death 5/28/2007
12. As I Grow My Wings 5/28/2007
13. Breaking 5/28/2007
14. I Can Just Picture You Sitting There 5/28/2007
15. I Must Leave You For A While 5/28/2007
16. The Last And Final Goodbye 4/1/2007
17. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep 4/1/2007
18. For Get Me Not 4/3/2007
19. Barbaric 4/3/2007
20. My Eyes Tell The Storybut M 5/29/2007
21. My Reasons Why 5/29/2007
22. Monster 5/29/2007
23. A Spirit Lives 5/30/2007
24. Am I Ever Alone? 5/30/2007
25. And Now I Shall Give In 5/30/2007
26. Angry And Lost 5/30/2007
27. Another Sleepless Night 5/30/2007
28. As I Draw My Last Breath 5/30/2007
29. At The Emptiness Of The Bottle 5/30/2007
30. Attackers 5/30/2007
31. Attackers 123456 5/30/2007
32. Barbaric Bastards 5/30/2007
33. Battles Lost Here Is My Death 5/30/2007
34. Black Cloud In A Storm 5/30/2007
35. Did You Ever Give A Shit? 5/31/2007
36. Dont Tell Me To Snap Out Of It 5/31/2007
37. Accept Me For Who I Am 5/30/2007
38. I Had To Do It 6/2/2007
39. Farwell And Goodnight 6/2/2007
40. Lost Key 6/3/2007

Comments about Amy Louise Kerswell

  • Pat Winslow (3/26/2019 10:55:00 AM)

    This is plagiarism. Kerswell has taken Christina Rossetti's poem, shortened it, and claimed it for her own. This website is colluding with Kerswell. It is not to be trusted. Please source your poems responsibly. PoemHunter lists all of Rossetti's poems and makes them available to be read. The poem Kerswell has stolen is number 186 if you are interested. PoemHunter, you have some serious explaining to do. In the meantime, please remove plagiarised work.

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  • Rev. Jerry Wicker (2/11/2019 8:23:00 AM)

    Hi Amy! My email is: I would like your permission to us the poem " Miss Me - But Let me Go" and print it inside a funeral bulletin for someone who loved your work. I'm always concerned about copyright laws and would like your okay before I include it in the bulletin. Blessings, Jerry

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  • Me, an intellectual (1/29/2018 9:38:00 AM)

    The fact that you managed to bang out 400+ suicidal poems is impressive by itself. Most trolls who try something like this for attention give up after about five. The thing is, the dates when the poems were published don't add up. The streaks of 10 or fifteen poems a day and then a month long hiatus is weird enough but the huge hiatus's towards the end of your works just goes to show that the probability of you actually having killed yourself is slim to none. Whatever. (1/2)

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  • Amber Millar (8/3/2007 7:03:00 AM)

    Amy, your poetry is amazing! I believe that you should publish some of your work because it is so brilliant! You might like my poems Perfect Girl, Hope you had a nice Father's Day and Forgive and Forget! please reply xxx

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  • Walt Martin (6/14/2007 5:42:00 PM)

    Hi Amy! ... just a quick note to let you know that I'm 'officially' a new member with much catching-up to be done. As noted in an earlier comment, this date, I 'found' one of your newer poems. Although I lack the technical expertise to venture far into the realm of what is proper syntax, structure, and such, I did want to let you know that I recognized the depth (and power, hence the 'OUCH! ') in your poetry, and that I'll include your expressions in my 'favorites' to watch for, along with ten other poets I've been lucky enough to find. There's much (very much) that I've missed. I did want to let you, M.R., E.F., and your other colleagues aware of my appreciation. Thanks! walt

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Best Poem of Amy Louise Kerswell

I Said

God Im hurt.
I said God Im hurt.
And god said I know.

I siad God I cry a lot.
And God said thats why I gave you tears.
I said God I get so damn depressed.
And God said thats why I gave you sunshine.

I sais God life is so hard.
And God said thats why I gave you loved ones.
I said God my Loved ones dead.
And God said I watched mine nailed to the cross.
I said God your loved one lives.
And God said so does yours.
I said God where are they?
And God said mine is on my right and yours is in the light.

I said God it hurts.
And God said I ...

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I have been victimized.
I was in a fight that was not a fair fight.
I did not ask for the fight I lost.
But there is no shame in losing such fights.

I long to reach the stage of surviviour.
I long to leave the past behind me.
But hard as I try I cant let go.

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