Amy Louise Kerswell Poems

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Depression Isn'T Obvious Suicide Is

Depression isn't obvious but suicide is.
My pain nobody sees.
My my mangled body they shall see.
My head was all but a mess.

I'Ll Never Forget

I never forget what happened
I'll never forget what they did.
They used rape and abuse
To have power over me.

I Said

God Im hurt.
I said God Im hurt.
And god said I know.

I Hurt And Hurt

Blood running everywhere.
Dripping all down my skin.
Still not enough.
Must hurt some more.

The Only Way Now

Some days I just wish.
I could run and hide.
No matter where I go.
Suicide seems my only way.

Miss Me But Let Me Go

When I finally come to the end of my road
T|he stars set for me
I want no gloom filled room


Oh horid ways of emotions.

Depression Said

Do you no who I am?
I am no saint I am no lamb.

A Child Was Hurt

When I was a child you hurt me.
I was nothing but a mere girl.
I was only 5 years old.
I couldnt fight you couldnt fend you off.

God It Hurts So Much

I cried to god one day.
As I sat beneath the tree.
I was hoping he would answer me.
I cried lord I can not take this any more.

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