The Only Way Now Poem by Amy Louise Kerswell

The Only Way Now

Rating: 5.0

Some days I just wish.
I could run and hide.
No matter where I go.
Suicide seems my only way.

My life is not worth it.
All this pain and suffering.
I dont want to be here anymore.
The only way is suicide.

Nobody can help me.
I cant fix myself.
Nobody knows the real me.
Suicide is the only way.

I put on this false act.
And slap a smile upon my face.
When really Im dying inside.
The only way is suicide.

All I ever wanted was.
To be loved and accepted.
Just to feel the warth of your love.
But you never loved or accepted me.
Suicide is my only way.

I hate you.
Look at what you did to me.
You broke my heart.
You broke my spirit.
You left me empty inside.
Suicide is the way.

You left me
Hurt angry bitter and twisted.
And becuase of you.
Suicide is my only way

Jess Leanne 11 May 2007

hey i agree with emily. i think of suicide all the time. and i think it really helps to talk to someone u can trust or writ about it. i think this is a beautiful poem. i like it alot. >>jess<<

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Itna Knyfe 30 March 2007

I love the poem Amy, you seem to be getting better and better as you think of more...things to make your poem even more admiring...

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