Depression Poem by Amy Louise Kerswell


Rating: 4.5

Oh horid ways of emotions.
All actions tryed are of no use.
All actions acted are usless.
No matter the action its all in vain.

I cant go anywhere
Running is usless and of no point.
I cant go no where.
Even if the option were open.

Oh depression horrible depression
Hold me back ever more
Pin me down with the force of your grace.
Depression my one true friend.

A sad dark and lonely place.
Sit upon the walls.
Its so sad and vacant.
Vacant like my happy days.

Depression takes me
More and more each day.
Feeding on my sadness.

This is an everelasting scar
A scar not to heal
A scar not to mend.
It will bring me to my end

Tom J. Mariani 23 November 2007

'I can't go no where' is a precisely apt way to put it. While a grammarian might flinch at your use of a double neagative, depression is not a grammar issue. Even though it pins you down, I have found, as it seems you have too, writing it down is a way of pushing back. Keep 'pushing' with your poems for yourself and for all the rest of us 'pushers.' You are proof that one can use first person and need not retreat to an abstract imaginary third person to write a good poem. Tom

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