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A Zero To The Left

Rating: 4.9

Distinctive wise problem-solver
Resolving harms with expertise
Predicaments, bad dilemmas
Bumpy troubles like cottage cheese
A zero to the left is next
Person that does not help himself
or others – very sad to see
Statue full of dust on a shelf
Move your body and help yourself
Stand on your very own two feet
Each person needs to hold their own
Winning victories not defeat
Always business before pleasure
Working hard is what we all do
Success for all that work for it
Except for those who never grew
Is endless fear what you wish for?
Grow up quickly before too late
Freedom is awesome here on Earth
Or how will you pick up your date


with you educational background, your world of teaching, seeing the universe in the eye of a growing child is refected in your tight solemnly crafted poem.. you have subtelty the virtue of a few american women..

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Blue angel Florida 17 August 2007

Intriguing as for the ones that are not successful bother the ones that are as for the Universe call wants all to be happy and fulfilled. Thanks for sharing. Really interesting.

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Malgorzata Mika 16 August 2007

A very true and wise poem :) It reflects how people to go through life to reach our aims. Our existence is a difficult and unique for everyone and it's important to find yourself in this hustle and bustle of this world without losing your freedom and sensitivity to human beings.

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Philippa Lane 20 October 2008

Interesting poem. Have to read it again. Found Ben's comment full of interest.

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Ben Gieske 28 August 2007

I wonder what people did before there was a zero. 'The Maya Indians of Central America are believed to have invented the concept of the zero before the A.D.300's. The Hindus developed the concept independently several hundred years later. The idea spread from india and was adopted in Europe during the late 1400's.' from The World Book Encyclopedia. Amazing that it took the Europeans so long. I like your poem because it can be read in two ways or interpreted according to the opposite of what you write. That way the reader can rearrange their priorities and still feel the importance to the message.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 20 August 2007

Zero to the left has no value and zero to the right has value like this-001 and 100. This poem sounds like 'Ten Commandments, ' which we should follow. A good theme Ana Monnar has taken.

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Tailor Bell 19 August 2007

there are always a percentage who would have others do their work for them, but the design of life steers us to make our own way; opportunity to help others and ourselves. teachers are always in short supply. nice work, Ana. -Tailor

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Alison Cassidy 19 August 2007

I suspect this one is written with tongue firmly in cheek. Yes, we must be busy and make money and help the economy - forget about life and loving and creative fulfillment. An interesting parody of that strange expression (the left) that used to equate with social justice. Thanks for this. love, Allie xxxx

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