Yearning For Love Poem by Ana Monnar

Yearning For Love

Rating: 5.0

Do you feel warmth and affection?
Is it love or is it lust
Chemistry and a deep connection
At ease and full of trust

Do you long for and feel desire
Heart racing - knees feel weak
For that special someone you admire
Strolling in the park as both speak

Longing - yearning for precious time
Together where no other can set apart
Never distant from affection
To the mountain peak jointly climb

Desire and intense friendliness
Shy to a point until passion erupts
Finally found extreme blissfulness
After downs but now ups

Days, weeks, months whirl into years
In concert sharing through thick and thin
No more heartache - no more tears
Forever love and fondness from within

Ana Monnar

Brett Ackerman 24 August 2007

This poem kinda gives off a rich turbulent mélange of mixed emotions. Some good tender-hearted words here with a romantic under-current that kinda balloons into passion. Certainly not something I could discuss on a first date. Perhaps the important thing is just to remember is that it's an ageless ticklish conundrum that continues to stump better commenters than I.

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Blue angel Florida 18 August 2007

Beautifully written, still makes me think as for until before the last paragraph I could read PASSION deeply described and colored in ways that made me miss it, still the title calls for love, and so the last one describes as for times flies by, and left the question open as for PASSION resulted into LOVE of self or grew into a fulfilling relationship. Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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Respected madam, I know that u r an illustrious teacher with so many awards to ur credit? Can u please enlighten me regarding one love which no physical body is there to receive? Regards- kindly mail me if u can. Pradeep

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