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Adult Companionship

Rating: 4.8

Adult companionship I seek
Desperately to listen and talk
At least at the end of the week
Strolling on the wooden boardwalk
Day and night I teach and raise kids
Even on weekends in my van
Drive through, fast food, wrappers and lids
Beach day with children and a tan
Mature conversation needed
Over dinner or a smooth ride
Might feel like if we succeeded
Sweet dreams to discuss and confide
By the beach or in a movie
Cheering at a basketball game
Will both feel so very groovy
Who cares if you act wild or tame
Sitting or walking in a park
Making out, hugging – or hold hands
During daylight or when it’s dark
‘Cause you want to without demands

Blue angel Florida 11 September 2007

Thats so honest and beautiful, expressing love to companionship and togetherness of grown-ups.

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rajagopal haran 04 November 2007

great poem madam; companion is a must in the second half of life; great feelings; great poem

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An engaging piece indeed. t

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Selina Tan 16 September 2007

it is to do what you don't have to and feel comfortable with. i do seek one too. a heartfelt poem and lovely once again.

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Mary Das 15 September 2007

Yes, that will be nice if there is someone to talk to and keep you company. Good one. Take care.

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Marvin Brato 14 September 2007

Love chooses no age limit, neither ones' desire for mature company. Bottom line is one enjoys each other at a certain level. Wonderful thought Ana. Liked it. High mark.

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