Antonio Liao Poems

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A Flower For You

on tangled hair
you lay there alone
you bite your nails
you laugh so hard

A Flower For You.....

My being stands to judge my emptiness and
let me lead the radiant hope of your dream, to reach
the zooming aspiration of heart; a motionless of
desire in my soul

Battered Husband

battered husbands too exist
a wife kicking his strong feet
slapping his rugged jaw
insulting him in front of his

A Poem A Day Keeps The Poet Happy

leave me not my pen, go and stay with me
my immortal dream persuade you to looks
at me, dragging every inch of an ink fuse
in my nervously happy feeling, eludes the fear

A Whispering Angel

our hearts always feel the presence of an angel
not an instinct to say, nor a wisdom to foretell, it
is the spirit that moves us of its greatness and the
power that illuminates from the one who sent them

A Wife

at the night seems long, wondering
mind calls for a solitude, where the heart
felt the emptiness of the soul


A Grain Of Wheat

nurture on the time of memories, ripe in the season
of harvest, and store for a days to wait, till it can be
used for a meal to nourish the flesh

A Cup Of Wine

lips that touch, the ground of a cup
that tastes that nods on
a wonder that was never
there before


in every games there
is always few winners than a looser, for
in every
episode there is always the

A Poet

a poet knows nothing best than a seer, nay neither
touches like a magician nor prays like a monk, yet!
feel the tremendous heart that breathes and sees the
oozing shadow of the light, a poet lives

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