A Flower For You Poem by Antonio Liao

A Flower For You

Rating: 4.7

on tangled hair
you lay there alone
you bite your nails
you laugh so hard
on your hazy lines
you dance you sing
you cry you laugh
on moods that swing
like a crazy pendulum

you say my name
without remembering
what love was there
once, everlasting

you vomit
what we had and
then you swallow them
all again

i cry seeing you
like this
away from your senses

i hand this flower
for you
the smell may make
you return
from day one
when you were real
when you still feel

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 28 October 2009

Love and flower go very well and you’ve made it. Ten+ [with smiling flowers] Ms. Nivedita UK Cordially invite to read and comment on Lingerie-IG* Enigmatic Navel or other poems niv

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Touhing and tender yet rabid and real as the beauty of the flower is contrasted with the condition of the recipiant. Well done my friend.

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Light hearted write with deep intent! Well done.; D

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Tony Karas 17 December 2012

Very nice. I could feel your torture and concern for her...

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Alistair Graham 17 December 2013

Nothing is Permanent; the crazy pendulum of time holds this truth in fast flowing rivers budding flowers reach from the earth to touch the heavens, their scent tangling in threads of dark clouds then snaking back seeking the ground where minds wonder along winding roads. with ideas in my head, I get up from my desk, walk outside to check the sky; it’s fine.

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Bernard Snyder 17 December 2014

Sad poem, yet well-written. A lot of compassion displayed. Thanks for sharing and also CONGRATS. Well-deserved 'poem of the day'!

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Rajnish Manga 17 December 2014

Poemhunter.com Beautiful poem. Rightly ruled as 'the poem of the day'. During the course of life, we, sometimes, feel robbed of our prized possessions. Then, we rise and make an effort to regain our composure.

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Noreen Carden 17 December 2014

A beautiful poem of loss and longing Congratulations on your poem being named poem of the day

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 12 November 2014

very sad indeed...the scenes created in this poem may hauntingly touch the reader's hearts......

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Swimming in the sea of sadness. Yet rich in creativity!

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