A Whispering Angel Poem by Antonio Liao

A Whispering Angel

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our hearts always feel the presence of an angel
not an instinct to say, nor a wisdom to foretell, it
is the spirit that moves us of its greatness and the
power that illuminates from the one who sent them

our spirit allows us to feel that, someone who is a little
beyond our state, lies a wonderful avenue to
take in, a guide who in everything wishes to be
near through all eternity

our days is just a passing moment of an endless time, we
always see, what we believed, alas! all are just a
moment of dream, where the soul always thirsts, the
happiness that brings

our life has come to feel that, the only vessel to listen
and experience the voice of a whispering voice of
an angel is the temple of flesh that i have since, that
very moment i was conceived

our ways have changed a lot, that life we live has to listen
what it feels within, the mind tells, for what the unspoken
words of an angel, our soul whisper

Tia Maria 19 August 2008

how absolutely beautiful :) our soul whisperer....

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Jurietta Duraan 19 August 2008

I agree with Tia Maria - very soulful wordplay, if you read too fast you might miss some of the meaning inbetween the lines.... I love it. Yuri*

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Ency Bearis 20 August 2008

wonderful whispering angel..coined nicely..great poem.. Ency Bearis

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Jayaprakash Panicker 02 September 2008

Itis universal that in us all there is a force or a spirit or a power or a feel or presence or a tick or murmur, whatever we call it with. it is same, and the fact is beautifully presented in those lines, and the lines themselves have taken up the duty of murmuring and what i heard, not understood, when i read that poem is but this someone is ME was humming or murmuring to me that there is something deep within and follow itn not matter who tells you to do it, priest, god, or friend, or father mother, whoever, follow your angel. not it is Antonio telling me to follow, and i do do that. thank you mr. jaypeescopies@yahoo.co.on

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, aryaindia 19 September 2008

My wonderful wishes to you for this excellent poem that fills the spirit in all blessedness to spiritually raise the esoteric being to higher levels of fruitification

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Abby Mackaway 22 June 2009

wow, just brilliant. i really liked this poem. It's true, angels do move us to do great things. And i love the fact that you mention the one who sent the angels. Good work, it's very inspiring. With respect, Abby

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 13 June 2009

our hearts always feel the presence of an angel it is so true and this feeling is a confidence booster. shan

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Antonio, This is a delightfully written, spiritually nutritious poetical work! You skillfully created a spiritual atmosphere that is engaging for the reader. May the whispers of His Angels and the promptings of the Ultimate Inspirer lead us to the fullness of divine love and truth. Cordially in Christ, Dorothy (Please, do check my newest additions - thanks) .

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 23 December 2008

A whispering angel lives in our heart Prevents our world from falling apart................. Good Write...........................

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Tsira Goge 23 September 2008

antonio, Fine poems... Without these angels, a life it would become black we-bleach also awfully boring... Let always there will be to you this angel and its whispers....10.... Tsira

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