Athletes Poem by Antonio Liao


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in every games there
is always few winners than a looser, for
in every
episode there is always the
point to begin

the very aspiration of the body
pushes to start
to finish of what is being ignited, and as
it goes a feeling of
Conquering the star, inflame the athletes
to pursue its dream of victory

as the scramble started to swift, the
audience sees only the gesture emitted
to reach
the athletes goal, blinded the
shadow that underlines the cloths, there lay
a pain, emotional, spoil foot, dehydrated face
obstruction, swollen skin
and broken
parts experienced deep inside the actor

a halo of loose of oneself ego
to save, what is expected
in every race, that swallows the pain
over the victory achieve
it is a blending of self sacrifice and honor tag
to grasp
into the inner ego of the athletes

yet! another challenge
to face another challenges stretching
another strength
gambling what the capacity
of the body and mind reunites, where by
every strength welcome to exceed
to its limit

Citruis, Altuis, Fortius shouted
in every hearts as fuel, making
its goal
nearer to the victory offered, nothingness
the best as it thrives personal
perfection of excellence is worthwhile
to attain...... an effort of victory is in itself a VICTORY
to achieve

Swifter, Higher, Stronger......Citruis, Altuis. Fortuis..... A Motto
' a poem dedicated to all Athletes '

Ric Bastasa 09 February 2009

sus kaanindot gayod sa imong balak my friend... hala ka, nagkadugay nagkalami...magpista unta tag mga balak puhon... bring your own balak ha?

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Kesav Easwaran 02 February 2009

good dedication to athletes here, analyse an athlete's mind body and soul sitting and watching from your poetic spectator gallery...nice write...10

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Meggie Gultiano 02 February 2009

well done, well have captured well all the emotions, hardships, patience, hard work of an athlete.I know..i've been there.Was a athlete since grade school.Have to practice everyday for two hours..but it really paid off..Nice job, Tony.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 02 February 2009

A high spirited poem beautifully animated........10/10.

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