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Lust is what I speak tonight,
Lust is what I see tonight,
Lust is what I feel tonight,
And I Lust You.

Bodies entwined
Hearts resounding
the shivers of sweat
coming and going

Nights like this are
Lonesome and Long
Wish you were here
To sing me a song.

I have spoken long enough
I have spoken well enough
Now let me be silent
And see how Silence speaks

She may be
One of the
Many girls
You may see

When I look at you
Lust looks at me...

Love is so far away

I try so hard
To change…
My destiny.

Everyone asks me
To join Facebook.

Even you do!

When we are
We are
So much

I'm wet down there.
Your mouth's
Dry up there.

If there is a bed,
You need to sleep
Don't you?

The devil
Is in me.
The diva
Is in me.

Won't you
Come to me
And take me


His mouth
Is the
In which

The poetry in me
Is not mine
It is hers...
And she is not me

I'm really
Dying to
Have an
Affair ;)

There is a nagging
Pain in my heart,
That never goes away.
I guess, some hurts,


The ache of my bosom
Is such, that it needs
The bite of your teeth
To make it ache

I know
You are
In pain.
You are

You write
He told me

Aparna Chatterjee Biography

Aparna Chatterjee is a Writer based in UK. She is passionate about poetry and has penned over 2979 poems. 'Life is Unpredictable.....So Am I! ' is how she likes to describe herself. If you want to know more about her, just Google her.)

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Lust is what I speak tonight,
Lust is what I see tonight,
Lust is what I feel tonight,
And I Lust You.

Show me your Body
inside out…
no clothes on,
no holds barred…
bit by bit,
part by part,
give me your smells,
and your sweat…
give me what all you have
every naked bit of yours,
I want to see All of yours.

feel my hands
feel my legs
feel my torso
my body begs…

Come on me
and make me wet
juices flowing…
feel the heat…
together, we’ll
make ‘us’ meet.

If Lust be sin,
So be it…
For I am a Woman,
And you a Man.
How can I love you
and not lust you?

For Me,
Love and Lust,
go hand in hand…
for I am a Woman
and you are my Man.

Aparna Chatterjee Comments

Bharat Mehru 08 March 2012

I like your poetry very much, this comprises the Tagore-some sensitivity as well as the Western explicitness, I think.Waise bhi nek nek sab ek hein.

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Kingshuk Chakraborty 17 February 2012

I loved the eloquence of your writing. I read your blog as well....... some interesting thoughts.............some were like the way I look at life. May I request you to go through some of my attempts.

11 5 Reply
Hardik Vaidya 08 January 2013

Aparna, I read three of your recent works, have recited the poems and posted on you tube. Will post the link shortly. Has been a long day per my longitude therefore the time and age shows, but the rejuvenation of your life blood flowing through your rebellion of thoughts does also perhaps takes a peek. I am thankful to humans like you who have demonstrated the use of the vertebral column.

11 4 Reply
Ramesh Rai 21 June 2014

Her poems are sweet short and meaningful. True and exact style of writing. Wish her all the best.

8 5 Reply
Aparna Chatterjee 08 March 2012

Dear Bharat, Thanks for reviewing me as a Poet. Nice to know your noble thoughts.

10 3 Reply
Nazim Baig 18 March 2022

There was furthermore to remember and explore but the eyes stumble little, and the moments live through changes. As my eyes living through the insomniac nights When it takes me to a familiar waterfall……

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Pranav mehta 31 March 2019

I read your editorial on the work of Amaru. It was really interesting.

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Aparna Chatterjee 11 March 2019

Dear Sindus, Thanks for liking my poems :)

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sindus alkablany 07 March 2019

i like that your poems are short. your are the best poem writer

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sindus alkablany 07 March 2019

you have so many peoms coooooooooooooool

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Aparna Chatterjee Quotes

Although our whole life story can be summarized in quotes, wish life was as simple as "quoting" quotes ;)

Expect the Best. Be prepared for the Worst.

Pleasures come in small packages :)

Love never measures....It simply gives....

When life comes to a standstill, poetry keeps me going....

Sometimes people don't fight to win. They just fight to survive.

Pleasant surprises from people or places we don't expect feel all the more pleasant :)

Where the birds are, the cats cannot be far.

An incapable person uses the crutches of excuses. A doer goes and does it.

It takes years to build a reputation. It takes a minute to lose it.

The more you crave, the more you are a slave.

Life is unpredictable and uncertain. Hence, timely action should be taken.

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