Lust Poem by Aparna Chatterjee


Rating: 4.5

Lust is what I speak tonight,
Lust is what I see tonight,
Lust is what I feel tonight,
And I Lust You.

Show me your Body
inside out…
no clothes on,
no holds barred…
bit by bit,
part by part,
give me your smells,
and your sweat…
give me what all you have
every naked bit of yours,
I want to see All of yours.

feel my hands
feel my legs
feel my torso
my body begs…

Come on me
and make me wet
juices flowing…
feel the heat…
together, we’ll
make ‘us’ meet.

If Lust be sin,
So be it…
For I am a Woman,
And you a Man.
How can I love you
and not lust you?

For Me,
Love and Lust,
go hand in hand…
for I am a Woman
and you are my Man.

Leah Michele 06 August 2009

Great! It says all things you think in that moment of passion that some are too ashamed to say out loud

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Prateep Sengupta 27 May 2010

Very bold attempt and reminds me of Kamala Das. I wish our poetesses to be as free like their male counterparts to express the desires and passions. Keep focussing on this aspect in future works also.

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One Who Waits 08 April 2009

Finally. *A man hears what he wants to hear and he disregards the rest*. In this case, you actually said what I wanted to hear.

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Karthik Narayan 31 December 2006

very nuice.. happy new yaer

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Aman Arora 04 September 2014

Yeah well it all starts from being attracted to what we see. Soul-mate? Nah we are no witches to see souls.: D

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Dr Dillip K Swain 11 February 2022

I like this poem because you have presented the biological necessity of a person, the truth!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 01 February 2022

This is honesty, the truth and reality altogether. A WOW-poem, dear poetess.5 Stars full on TOP. I like your very much

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Dr Dillip K Swain 05 December 2021

This is truthful expression! I find beauty in your truthful expression. Hardly a few can express..Top score

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Khairul Ahsan 20 September 2020

The sensuality expressed in the poem can be felt by all, but not as explicitly expressed as the poetess has done. Love is consummated by physical love making. without love is.

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Suresh Kumar Ek 12 September 2020

For I am a woman LOve and , hand in hand. temptating poem. you are great, Aparna

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