Aranthabailu Ummar

Aranthabailu Ummar Poems

1. Breaking News 8/10/2010
2. Where Is My Love 9/13/2010
3. Desire 12/9/2010
4. Spirit 1/1/2011
5. A Message To Donar 9/21/2012
6. U 9/27/2012
7. Prayer 11/16/2012
8. Call 9/15/2011
9. No 11/3/2011
10. Love Corner 11/2/2013
11. Missile Man 8/1/2015
12. Oct 19-1 8/2/2015
13. Opening 8/8/2015
14. She 9/20/2012
15. Memon 8/1/2015
16. Appeal 12/21/2012
17. Sacrificed 9/9/2011
18. Waiting 9/11/2011
19. To Forget A Love 9/28/2010
20. What Is The Way To Love 10/1/2010
21. Existence 10/4/2010
22. Far 11/3/2011
23. Lost 8/8/2015
24. Blessed 9/24/2010
Best Poem of Aranthabailu Ummar


Expand my chest I got a breath
A rose protruding in it
Let me say goodby to my lonliness

My mind a weaving mechine for many years
The mill run weaving sad and misery
The thread came out hard and untouched

As a weed in paddy field
As a tendril in mango hill
As a creaper in arreca plantation I was alone

Blue sky of shy and twinkling star
Brings dream to darken my room
Moon very cool breaks my fear of discourage

Merry night and twinkling sky
sparks the ocean hot to its woumb
waves wings slaps me to enter into a strong bond

Sea ...

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Where Is My Love

Where is my love
Where is my companion
If I had not been dreamth it there no more sorrow
My sight not reaching at the other end

The path before me now is mild
The moon hiding beyond the dark cloud
Stars not sharing its light with my path
My ways are have no ends

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