Sacrificed Poem by Aranthabailu Ummar


That girl, the same girl of bright eyes
Who loves me for years approached me with a knife
The point of lose unaware of the age should not
Come again, no chance to leave, le the time end

What a beautiful fury reddish the body
Yellowish world before burning eyes
Unbrave to loose the grip no ready to unweaken the grasp
Sharp the knife it blood thirsty

Glance of the star on her spectrum thigh and
Rays of the sun on her twinkling breast tip
Fury of the past melodius love
Opening up all before my weak breath

Happened lightining and thunder together
No brave resisit the dirty kiss over kiss
Knife tip over my chest, true smoke of her heart burning
The foe raised up arms twisted in it

Bodies were buried with penetration delight
War of the love continued in a tiny ground; heaven
In burial red roses bossomed up
Where me salvanated beneath her feet

Nanthinii Mohan 10 September 2011

Emotionally articulated poetic verses.......well done!

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Unwritten Soul 09 September 2011

Deep red emotion truly reappeared...but time has start from now to move on leave the scar for a heal continue..Sacrifice the time to keep new learn, sacrifice the precious for something more conscious, the more we sacrifice the more we have as long we know how to move forward and what we need and aim...You claimed as being sacrificed yet you will be free to claim the right price equally (good redemption) ..Nice write_Unwritten Soul

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