Far Poem by Aranthabailu Ummar


If I forget a night
Then I will get salvation
Departure is not a sin
your bossom in the garden my heaven

If the hair is a bridge between us
We can pass a thread in pinhole
Weaved wool is a black cover
What light need to show path

For the sun rest
Me thought moon grinded heat
Night with many tales
Of honey spelled by many feathers

Many scent the mid wind brought
The bonded log soaked in milk pot
A dropp in a draught tub
How I run for to ease the thirst

It is not the laugh a sign of hungry
Tree shadow relaxed my breath
Uneven waves makes me struggle
Do not hold castle in the air

Eindaray Kyaw 20 September 2012

Your metaphors are so vivid that I appreciate this one! ! ! Great job!

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Unwritten Soul 29 July 2012

Line by lines you made the distance become a shorter..the flowers along the gap make the distance vocally sounded far but feel close spiritually...keep it up and write new poem..it already a year without new poem my fella_Unwritten Soul

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Lalitha iyer 26 December 2011

Dear friend, its difficult to comprehend the depth of your feelings.........if only you could explain a little.......is it blossom or bossom? and the lines if the hair is a bridge between us, ..............would you be kind enough to add some explanation, , , , , , , , , ,

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