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Expand my chest I got a breath
A rose protruding in it
Let me say goodby to my lonliness

At every rememberence my intestine soacking
Body shivering to chill
Brain not getting easy to approach you
Cracked foot, path filled with stone

aisha, you are my day and night
Your are my breeze and smell
You are my hunger and thirsty
You are my sky and sea


If I forget a night
Then I will get salvation
Departure is not a sin
your bossom in the garden my heaven

Seeing you thru naked eyes
is a bright light entering to my brain
is the allah's bless


Oh MEMON if you died for a sin
then there it is a sin for ever
And in the court of Allah too


I made a small mistake
to forget her after 10 years
desires still lingers beyond her foot
when she smiled me kept scilent

That girl, the same girl of bright eyes
Who loves me for years approached me with a knife
The point of lose unaware of the age should not
Come again, no chance to leave, le the time end

when she came out from hut
saw a bird fly over her
she wished to be as it

Infront of my home a tree without leaves
Weak, thin leaveless branches full spread across
Moon glancing behind this in a cracked shape

aisha by this word I passionate
To have it my prayer for all the times
god once laughed at me
That his plan is totally different

Where is my love
Where is my companion
If I had not been dreamth it there no more sorrow
My sight not reaching at the other end


In a little winter of dawn
The scielent world irritates me
Breaking your smell to air
I am floating spreading chadar a little high


An invocation after the retribution
A flabby sneer from the heaven side
call for company is proved
where I wii get the holy sprinkle


A call of hue resonance blew from tomb
the pegions gathered at the ground of shrine
waiting for as rightful seeds from a Mercy


I got the smell of you
And began to walk to reach you
By foot to foot a walk away for kilometers
Crossing all, a motivation, sudden call of you

If he may blessed you thru your earnings
If he may urged you thru your charity
If he may saw the seeds of giving in you
then heavenly you are eternal




Seeing you thru naked eyes
is a bright light entering to my brain
is the allah's bless

your peace and calm

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Expand my chest I got a breath
A rose protruding in it
Let me say goodby to my lonliness

My mind a weaving mechine for many years
The mill run weaving sad and misery
The thread came out hard and untouched

As a weed in paddy field
As a tendril in mango hill
As a creaper in arreca plantation I was alone

Blue sky of shy and twinkling star
Brings dream to darken my room
Moon very cool breaks my fear of discourage

Merry night and twinkling sky
sparks the ocean hot to its woumb
waves wings slaps me to enter into a strong bond

Sea witnessed my love, abonding lonliness
cool and hot blood mixed up in my veins
To be ever with her warming chest bounded by her arms

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Unwritten Soul 08 September 2012

You are a friend who learn from a past, and knit them into a colorful fabric in different have less time to write, but dont have less time to think, and as if you think more, you will see many horizon that you will love to discover, and theres always many beautiful things in the future, thanks for being a my good friend, through thick and thin, our friendship is like a bridge, and we must build it to many other hearts too, so we can share care and deliver message of peace. A peace is not will be attained if we never start with a single heart that believe peace is for everybody, As for you you have talent to write, you can deliver your voice here, your experience, we will enjoy what your want to offer, share your experience with us...your talent is something you must cherish. May God bless you my friend_Soul, Unwritten Soul

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