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I saw a dream,

that the wind ran my team,

The love is garbage,
a rubbish is never end,
the equation does not have truth,
because love can end,

cyclones to rest
ripples of gentle breeze
man can sail smoothly,
if the captain of the ship,

V alsa George
A nd many a helping hands
L ike a nightingale swings
S he is quick-witted

Cheese is like an old man,
smells bad,
even if the heart is gold,
old age is like cheese,

Sing the four walls of the house.
has been called the woman.
I'm higher than dreams,
I have wings sheer grit.

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I am yellow tree The road forks, ditch on the side of the yellow tree. I'm sorry I feel unwell, Can you leave me here. I do not want to travel with you, brings your way leads to destruction. Skipping a ship plants dusty leaves. I fall to the ground, finally own feet. Go miserable and have fun, All vanities away from me. Two of the way right and wrong, how easy it is to go astray. The right way is not the most easiest to follow, it is not the kings passed. Oh, how could understand to turn, People now do not have to starve. Two roads branch off from each other, fleeing from one another. The second is the truth, but the second is not even a lie. Pure shit it is, pride, bravery, honor, riches. Life is a zero-sum game, if you elect to glory, selects the same shame. No glory without shame, not without pride subjugation, no wealth without poverty, not the mighty men without corpses. Two roads branch off from each other, right and wrong. Two of view different from each other, reasonable and legal. Two roads asunder zoom out, ditch on the side of yellow on the tree. Ari Alsio)

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A Show

I saw a dream,

that the wind ran my team,

I woke up in the morning,

I collected clothes and I was born in

I jumped in my clothing

trusting for the father thing,

Then I walked on breakfast tea,

then was forced to go to the pee.

I was wondering what to do today,

why does not go to cross my day?

Well, and indeed was raining snow,

I realized that life is just a show!

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Ari Alsio Popularity

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