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My Sunshine......(To My Daughter)

my sunshine,
came to me
on a day that it poured with rain,
a little bundle so beautiful, so defenseless,
that it took my breath away,
dark grey blue eyes, that looked at me and,
wisely seemed to say,
i am here now, yours alone,
life will never be the same.
little hands that clutched my finger,
and wrenched my heart away
defiant mouth, and pink shell like lips,
always knew what to say,
through difficult times and trials,
my sunshine has spread her light,
been a little friend to me,
loved me day and night,
she sailed through life bravely and well,
God 's child she surely must be,
if ever I love someone too much
no doubt its only she

Vaughn Bekker 23 May 2010

beautiful piece of work, wow, is it not wonderful to love ones child so much, they fill a place in your heart that is meant only for them, well done

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Tranquil Ocean 30 August 2006

You, my darling are my inner sun You are the song that I will hum Today, tomorrow and forever Your inner light I shall devour You are the ink on my heart that will never blur The calligraphy etched deep inside You have fulfilled a deep void You are my baby, my love, my joy, my pride Beautiful ode to your daughter.... Love TO

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Minku Mahajan 13 August 2006

hey sorry for that mistake! but it was more of a typing mistake u see! any way pardon me for that yeah u still love ur daughter and ill always love her! sorry again!

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Minku Mahajan 11 August 2006

great poem! u loved ur daughter very much!

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