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My First Love

I have cut off at least a thousand heads of Hydra
But I am still fighting with it
I wish I were Hercules

Throughout my youth
I was mesmerized by the nymphs
Now I have realized it was just
Waste of my most precious time

My first love was burnt to ashes
Like the phoenix
Now the ashes are turning into
My love once again
But the dragons are destroying
My sweet dreamland
By blowing with their mouths
Wild firestorms

Now my brain is haunted by the ghosts
They try to scare me to death
Now I am like Adonis
Venus has hurt me by her weapons
Wherever my blood drops fall
Blooms anemones of love poetry

Anthony Han 25 September 2012

Wonderful write Asif!

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Jon Terry 01 October 2012

this one is awesome Asif, really great, I feel I could learn a lot from your pen that's for sure, this is an epic of a poem and you do the ancient hero's and gods justice with a piece that should last as the names quoted in this master piece Great! ! ! jon

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Sankaran Ayya 29 September 2012

Love poets were born when love failed and those succeeded in love wrote the same fairy tale and self same single line-they lived happily ever after. When first love fails it, as you tolled it rises like a phoenix or you may call it flowers from ashes with tears on their petals. To read such poems you need not fail in love but should have a heart to understand the tears. Nice poem Asif. My best wishes KAVIN CHARALAN Clarification: What is this list People who read Asif Andalib also read? Some poets' pages are having this list others are not.. If you know tell me.--Kavin

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Fredoneth Jonelas 28 September 2012

Lovely poems. Love really conquers all..

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Naffie Savage 28 September 2012

Wow this poem is very interesting and sweet.

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Zuzu Mutairi 07 August 2020

Nice expression anf free flow 10....

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Exasperation 20 December 2019

Its soooooooo good,

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Tanzila Rehmat 17 July 2018

This is so beautiful and eloquent; really a heartfelt read! A big 10 for you!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 13 March 2018

A lovely poem! Wonderful poetic expression, brilliant imaginative faculty! ....My first love was burnt to ashes Like the phoenix....Loved reading your poem! ...................10

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Morawn Higgs 07 December 2012

Interesting. Very literary, sir.

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