Aya Nasr

Rookie - 11 Points [Aya Nasr] (17/9/1993 / cairo, Egypt)

Aya Nasr Poems

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19. If You Only Knew.. (Edited Version By: Peter Mamara) 8/25/2013
20. Speechless! 1/10/2013
21. Flew Away (Happy May P2) * 8/23/2013
22. And Memories Won'T Die 1/10/2013
Best Poem of Aya Nasr

And Memories Won'T Die

Memories in places
Things missed with replaces
Different people, different faces
Every body busy solving life cases
How to get money.. How to get more..
How to promote their career places

They forgot memories but memories won't die

they forgot what's life
giving the fact a high five
and in their own world dive
i'm wondering.. asking..
are they alive? ?

why are they alive if they don't let the pure air reach their lungs?
why are they alive if they don't give their friends real warm hugs?
if i live like those i'll be upset..sick, like ...

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Rude & Jealousy

Being rude is cause of my jealousy
When you burn me inside with no mercy
When I see you attracted to her like she's sexy
And in fact everything on her so stinky
Yes I'm rude and I don't care about your blames

Cause you hurt my feelings and playing games
And youre the one who makes flames
Yes its hard when I let you sleep with your sadness

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