Aya Nasr Poems

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And Memories Won'T Die

Memories in places
Things missed with replaces
Different people, different faces
Every body busy solving life cases

Flew Away (Happy May P2) *

Spring of May...
You became so far away
Everything around me became grey
You're not only spring of May


I have something to confess
I see myself in a big mess
My heart got lost and can't find its address
I loved him and his reaction was meaningless

If You Only Knew.. (Edited Version By: Peter Mamara)

If you only knew, that I would die if I lose you.
If you only knew, that I accept all the pain you bring to me.
It is the cost of protecting you, not to get hurt.
If you only knew that when you believe

Fourteen More Days: By 'Jeff Siegel' (My Birthday Gift)

In fourteen more days, you will have been grown.
Gone from the hearth that has always been home.
Is it my heart or fear that wish you to stay?
Only time can say in fourteen more days.


Keeping myself awake
till my face touched by sun light
tired, waiting …
thought that might

What A Confusion

writing with pure sad intention
talking about you with no mention
fixing my inner self confliction

Two Souls Inside

I have two souls inside..
Soul living on you
And soul living to continue
Soul seeing with you..

Rude & Jealousy

Being rude is cause of my jealousy
When you burn me inside with no mercy
When I see you attracted to her like she's sexy
And in fact everything on her so stinky

Let Me, , (Breaking Barriers)

Let's start it all over again..
Let me know you as I've never known you before...
help my heart to stop sore...
And I'll fix everything that stops me to connect with your soul...

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