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11 September 2018

-I Don't know why i write you this But, Life is too short to Let in what we have to say for special ones..i believe it should reach even in the hardest way. -Don't try to Search for who writing you this if you're curious.. you shouldn't..believe me it's even hard for me that i have no option to know how you think about me when you read this.. hopefully that you don't think that i'm weirdo or retarded. -you're originally nice, you don't fake your kindness. -Too close, and too far. -you have special fragrance, i know when you pass here and there, i feel you before you appear, getting an alert that your soul just passed where i passed.. and smile. -you're the easiest to talk to, the hardest to communicate..but having you around is enough.

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And Memories Won'T Die

Memories in places
Things missed with replaces
Different people, different faces
Every body busy solving life cases
How to get money.. How to get more..
How to promote their career places

They forgot memories but memories won't die

they forgot what's life
giving the fact a high five
and in their own world dive
i'm wondering.. asking..
are they alive? ?

why are they alive if they don't let the pure air reach their lungs?
why are they alive if they don't give their friends real warm hugs?
if i live like those i'll be upset..sick, like eating bugs

if i answer about it without a lie
i'll say that you should all go and die
go leave a space for who from poverty cry
for every soul needs more time alive but they die
before seeing who they love and say goodbye
go away.. go die
even your attitude became dry..
on people hearts you dye..
have you forgot who you are because of your tie? ?
keep growing.. keep changing..
you forgot your memories but memories won't die

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Aya Nasr Popularity

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