Crazy For Fashion Poem by Babatunde Aremu

Crazy For Fashion

Rating: 4.5

Birds do beautifully display
Their feathers in the skies
Lions proudly show off
Their brittle hairs in the jungles
Peacock flaunts her feathers
Around the courtyards
Snails are comfortable in their shells
Man, God's image is confused in himself.

Man is ashamed of Godly nature
Crazy outfits are designed
To display nookies and crannies
Skins are bleached to change colours
Tattoos are engraved to flaunt around
Hair colours are changed
Like the garment of masquerade
Man, never satisfy with nature

Man's insatiable craze
For fashion runs like oceans
He has a face-lift,
Do liposuction and implants,
Have a tummy tuck
And even brigthens his teeth
All in the name of fashion
Its just crazy fashion

Why this rat race?
Why tampering with natural beauty?
Is God no more perfect?
Are these really fashion?
No, they are destrucion
In the name of fashion
Its just fashion crazy

Dave Walker 23 October 2012

A fantastic poem, the youth of today is ruled by fashion.

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Neela Nath Das 23 October 2012

A beautiful poem. we should be pleased with the god -gifted features. Great!

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Shivani Misra 23 October 2012

Absolutely true. I feel the same. We should stay as God has created us and perfection lies in it. Nicely written. Well done.

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Shivani Misra 23 October 2012

Absolutely true. I feel the same. God IS perfect and we should mould HIS creations in OURS. Wise thoughts. Nicely written poem. Well done.

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Anita Sehgal 30 October 2012

so true... nobody seems to be comfortable in their own skin.. great way of presenting

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Elisha Wall 20 January 2015

A brilliant piece! Very interesting! Thanks

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Geetha Jayakumar 25 December 2013

A fantastic write. It's very true said, no one want the natural beauty, many are crazy for fashion and they run behind it. Loved the presentation.

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Gary James Smith 25 February 2013

Couldn't have said it any better myself.............In church yesterday morning our Pastor was sharing from the book of Proverbs in the old testament about the adorning of a woman..........It wasn't all the fancy things that advertisers have seduced people with in magazines, movies, and whatnot..........but it is the hidden man of the heart..........that is where God loves to see purity and purposeful living........for His glory..............O may the women come to have a realization of that............True beauty is too be found in servanthood.....................

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Bri Edwards 15 February 2013

i could disagree with your view, as i disagree with much of what my wife says! but i won't disagree now because she is waiting to get on her computer. i do like the poem.....the way it is written. thanks for sharing.

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Kanav Justa 21 December 2012

every sentence you wrote was absolutely true, , , , , , nice writeee., , , keep up

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