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Beautiful Moon

Rating: 5.0

There are billions of stars in the sky
There are trillions of lamps on earth
None glows like the beautiful moon
At your uprise the world glows
Your appearance reveals God's glory
Your incadescent light brghtens the world
Your short monthly appearance
Reminds us that God is light
You are so constant from creation

You have no turbine
You have no connecting wire
Megawatts has no relationship with you
There is no socket on the wall
Yet you are afar glowing the world
You neither burn nor hurt
That's while some tell tales under you
Some use you as a periodical guide
Some see you as a symbol of worship
I see you as God's created beauty.

This poem came into being during my official tour to Bichi, Kano, Nigeria. In the night, I peeped through my window and was able to appreciate the moon better
Smoky Hoss 01 November 2013

It is amazing to scan the cosmos, and find meaning, and mystery everywhere. This is a beautiful poem.

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Constant form of creation indeed. Good job my ògá. Thanks for sharing

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Tom Allport 31 May 2017

a poem that shines as bright as it's contents of reverend light? ..........well written.

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Sylvaonyema Uba 12 December 2016

Nice piece on nature. I invite you to comment on my poems too.

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Francie Lynch 29 August 2014

Nice imagery. I really don't see the similarities between our two poems. Your's is a celebration of beauty. Mine is the loss of such. Nice write, all the same. Watch the typos.

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A spiritually beautiful poem that satisfies the soul.

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Captain Cur 15 June 2014

In Bichi, Kano, Nigeria the moon was softly glaring millions more stood peering your thought in words keep sharing

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