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1. পথ ভুলে (Forgotten Path) - Language (Bengali) 6/2/2018
2. আমার স্বর্গ (My Heaven)language- Bengali 6/20/2018
3. ভোরের পাখী (The Bird At Dawn)- Language: Bengali 6/25/2018
4. তুমি আসবে (You Will Be Here)- Language: Bengali (Scribed In Roman Alphabet) 11/1/2018
5. রামধনূর সাত রঙ (Seven Colours Of The Rainbow)- Language: Bengali 12/18/2018
6. ইচ্ছে করে - Language: Bengali 3/25/2019
7. এবারে চুপ করো (Now Hold Your Tongue)- Language: Bengali 2/12/2019
8. Sandcastles 3/7/2019
9. Pretence Makes My Day 12/3/2018
10. স্বপ্নের নীড় (Sanctuary In My Dream) - Language: Bengali 8/3/2018
11. A Perfect World (Celebrating Father's Day) 6/14/2018
12. ফিরে এলো (Back Again) - Poem In Bengali 5/21/2018
13. Metamorphosis 4/23/2018
14. Shopping Can Be Uplifting! 4/24/2018
15. Another Morning 6/30/2018
16. An Oasis We Have Reached 7/2/2018
17. Mornings Sublime 7/9/2018
18. Dreamed A Dream 5/22/2018
19. সেই চিঠি (That Letter) Language - Bengali 4/3/2018
20. Niskriti - Translation From Rabindranath Tagore 6/2/2018
21. My Elfin Krishna 11/1/2018
22. Pictures We Carry In Our Mind 12/9/2018
23. I Write! 7/28/2018
24. The Perfect Moment 4/20/2018
25. No More Time 7/9/2018
26. পূর্ণ আমি (My Life Is Complete)- Language: Bengali (Scribed In Roman Alphabet) 8/6/2018
27. Like A Peacock 8/16/2018
28. আলো আমার (Light In My Eyes) : Language - Bengali (Scribed In Roman Alphabet) 8/16/2018
29. Dream Children 4/9/2018
30. Witness 4/7/2018
31. On My Birthday 5/20/2018
32. Yellow Curtain 5/27/2018
33. A Confession 4/27/2018
34. A Mystery 3/31/2018

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  • Subhas Chandra Chakra Subhas Chandra Chakra (4/9/2018 8:02:00 AM)

    Please carry on writing dear Poetess, you write so pretty. You create a mist of love through your words so well.
    I wish you a long, long journey with us on this site.

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Best Poem of banamala sen

A Mystery

I can never stop loving you - that's the problem!

Not in Summer, not in Winter,

Not in Sun, not in Snow,


Can you stop loving me?

Many many months ago, many many years ago,

Blossomed a feeling, and the feeling grew,

Without any reason.

It just grew and grew - nobody knew

Until one day it shocked its owners!

What do I do with this feeling?

It does not leave me, although it should,

It does not allow me to rest, although I need rest.

So, I am handing it to you,

and ...

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Not sure when I started loving you.

Was it when we got up at dawn

to pick white Siuli flowers already on the ground?

And competed who picked more!

Was it when we shared books, and you read devotedly to

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