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A Confession

I get up at middle of night
And start thinking of you.
You may not believe me,
But that's what I do.

A Mystery

I can never stop loving you - that's the problem!

Not in Summer, not in Winter,

Yellow Curtain

The curtain in my room is pale yellow,
With golden leaves on it,
My mother lived in this room for a little while,
And left a little bit of her.


Not sure when I started loving you.

Was it when we got up at dawn

On My Birthday

On my birthday,

You gave me the greatest gift of all,

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 09 April 2018

Please carry on writing dear Poetess, you write so pretty. You create a mist of love through your words so well. I wish you a long, long journey with us on this site.

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