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I get up at middle of night
And start thinking of you.
You may not believe me,
But that's what I do.

I can never stop loving you - that's the problem!

Not in Summer, not in Winter,

The curtain in my room is pale yellow,
With golden leaves on it,
My mother lived in this room for a little while,
And left a little bit of her.

Not sure when I started loving you.

Was it when we got up at dawn

On my birthday,

You gave me the greatest gift of all,

অনেকটা জীবন কেটে গেলো অন্ধকারে,
আলোর সন্ধান করে করে।
ভয় করি না, সংশয় রাখি না,
পৃথিবী অনেক দয়ালু -

Every minute of our children's life is planned,

Before-school and after -

Yesterday night I dreamed a Dream,
I am back in that little garden,
Where we met,
Among Roses and Jasmines,

Travelled a long path,
A tumultuous journey,
Stormy nights,
Drudgery of days,

I write -
A child demanding sweet potato and roti,
Daughter exhausted looking after sixty patients,
A man not finding his keys,  

Life is pretty crazy, sometimes crazier than what you expect.

Sometimes love comes from nowhere,

There are some fascinating pictures on my wall,

Some of them are so old, I hardly recognize myself,

সার্থক আমার জীবন।
আর কিছু আমার চাওয়ার নেই,
পাওয়ার নেই,
আমি পূর্ণ!

I have no idea how to teach this cute little guy,
Who has no clue what sound does a D make,
Or a K,
But I let him be the teacher today,

I want to go back to that moment -

the moment of inexplicable expectation!

My heart dances like a Peacock,
When I hear your voice!  
It emerges from far,  
Brings the tempestuous ocean to me,  

যে চিঠি লেখা হয়নি আগে,
আজ লিখি সেই চিঠি,
নেই শিউলি, আছে গোলাপ,
মন আছে সেই একই!

Mother cried and said - " Manjuli is my baby girl

You are going to get her married, to someone

Like many little girls,

My childhood was a lot about playing with my dolls,

Music, birds, flowers-
All the bliss in the world!
Unblemished sky, sunshine reflecting on the chimneys I can see,
A part of Moon still visible at mid-sky.

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A Confession

I get up at middle of night
And start thinking of you.
You may not believe me,
But that's what I do.
I can't sleep, unless I think about you,
At least for a moment.
It gets very dark, it gets very lonely,
I wish I could talk to you,
About the few days,
We had been together,
And all the days we were apart -
When the summers came with a gorgeous sun,
When the winters came with many frosty nights,
Year after year,
And you didn't even think about me!
You are going to protest here,
And say, you did think about me,
At long summer days, at lonely winter nights,
Only you didn't know where I was!
I was there, all the time,
In your heart, if you listened carefully
what your heart had to say,
But you ignored probably.
The little girl who captured your heart,
Is really powerful,
She comes back again and again,
No matter what you say,
No matter you try to forget her,
erase from your life,
She just drops in, the way she used to before,
And dangerously charms you to forget critical things
with her beguiling smile!
How can you forget her?
How can you erase her from your life?
She became part of you.
I know you have tried,
I know you were almost successful,
But not entirely!
She took your heart without any hesitation,
You had no other option
But to give it away.
So don't repent now,
Don't regret now,
Be thankful for the most precious thing in your life,
Life has been kind to you!
You told me you were in a dreamland,
When one showery day, like today, with incessant rain,
You came to see me, that was your goal,
To take that much trouble,
and I had no idea!
If I could, I would take that day away from the history of mankind,
Because how cruel was I,
To be so wrapped-up in my own world,
To be so blind!
I get up at middle of night
And think about what could have been,
How my life and your life could have intertwined
in a perfect harmony!
Every time I remember the day both of us were in a dreamland,
And I can't believe I let it go,
A love, a pure feeling, rarely experienced in one lifetime!
I believe I have to come back to this earth again and again
to experience that dawn, that evening,
Which brought the tenderest of feelings and purest of wishes,
To two hearts.


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Subhas Chandra Chakra 09 April 2018

Please carry on writing dear Poetess, you write so pretty. You create a mist of love through your words so well. I wish you a long, long journey with us on this site.

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