A Little Boy Wrote A Rhyme Poem by BEAU GOLDEN



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A Little Boy Wrote A Rhyme

Rating: 4.4

Many days ago a little girl laughed
A little boy wrote a rhyme,
Life was fun life was right,
They both had quite a great time
Their hearts were opened wide
Neither had anything to hide

Their world was kissed with shades
Of home, of school, and good grades
The boy and girl were in the first grade at school
They both had heard of the Golden rule
The little girl studied with eyes opened wide
The little boy adored her and he was her guide

They both were star students at school
The teacher decided to bend a rule
She let them leave early for doing so well
They walked home ahead of the three o'clock bell
They bathed in the afternoon sun
Their hearts full of love as they trotted and run
They laughed as if their hearts were one!

It must've been another man's life
There is no magic in mine
Now the memory cannot placate me
I'm drowning my blood with wine

The boy and girl strolled home side by side
Enjoying the sunshine as they'd glide
The little boy went to her home on a dare
He adored her so he did not care
The other boys teased him they can be cruel
They saw the girl kiss the boy at school

Six year olds kiss like Italian men
And hug really tightly now and then
But these two were closer than a finger and nail
Like any young lovers surely doomed to fail
You may not know but i will attest to it here
We can surely damage what we hold dear

Twas just a scratch left upon her cheek
He never even heard her shriek
Future visits he couldn't make
For nine hundred days his heart would ache
Twenty years ago or was it last night?
I cried myself to sleep thats right.

Why should a 7 year old feel so deep?
Why am i walking in my sleep?

It must've been another man's life
No happiness Left in mine
Pain and sorrow are all that remain
A grape rotting on a vine



Miriam Maia Padua 21 July 2009

with a touch of innocence.. classical...the title is captivating.. the thoughts are impressive interesting to read...a story in poetry... 10+++ lovelots, Maia

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Luwi Habte 21 July 2009

well penned i like the story well done poet Luwi

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Marvin Brato 19 October 2007

A classic story in poetry, enjoyed it! Top marks.

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Original Unknown Girl 30 March 2007

Wow what a lovely tale and one written 17 years ago, how great! (Wish I could find some of my old poetry) . Beau this is such a poignant read, I can sense this girl never left you, what is it with unfinished love, seems to leave a mild smouldering that never quite goes.... Lovely piece. HG: -) xx

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Patricia Gale 25 February 2007

Amazing piece.. the twist adds well.

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Earth, USA, California, Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Balboa blvd
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