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If she was a colour, she would be blue,
broken on the inside with no desire to start anew, she was the bearer of bad news and started to believe her existence was defined by unaldeterated sorrow with no hope for a superordinate tomorrow.

With her pride stolen at a tender age, she was the composer of her life story so she had no one to help her start up a new page, her heart full of enmity and no room for love as she believed it was all a myth, left with no one to fight this cruel world with.

Tell Me.

Tell me!
How do you live with yourselves?
How do you not think of the families that suffer the pain and loss of their beloved?
Like what do you Gain?

Amazing Grace

The truth in His word is evident
the proof lays in what this pen Indites
am only Here to resurrect what was left of it

To The Blessers

Sometimes I sit still,
constantly in battle with my thoughts trying to fathom how you burry your guilt and wake up to face your wives with no shame,
I mean if this is a game
then am not so sure of whose at the losing end,

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Lindsay chisoko 11 August 2021

Wow.. I like how you play around with words these ain't just poems they are a push for me as they entertain, educate and build... Keep up kimng Bley

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