Bonnie Collins Poems

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A Birthday Wish For Our Own Robert Frost

Happy Birthday to someone who
is celebrating it very soon

If I could send a bouquet of

A Lesson From The Heart

Wandering alone in this empty
forest of darkness, stumbling
and falling as I go wondering
if the darkness now will be

* Final Sunset Sail

When the parting comes to view
and it is apparent that now all
is said and done, why is it that
there is such a need to forget

* A Lifetime Of Endless Tides

Did you ever look inside a sea
shell, and see the beauty, then
magicly hold it to your ear,
and how you can hear the

*quiet Moments

Watching your face, and looking
at you while you are napping, eye
glasses proped down to your nose
with book in hand where the last

A Moments Escape

Take me back in time
Open my timeless capsule of
your soul

*barren Walls Of Sorrow

Tides came and washed away
the empitiness inside my vacant
heart, the waves came with a thrash
and washed all the remains only leaving

*one Stolen Night

Searching in the darkeness of the
hidden walls of your heart, are the
memories that have grown to haunt
you as days now have become decades

**true Love Never Dies**

Encaptured in my mind still stands
the moment of the time when our
hearts were young and painted
with all the colours of youth

*eternity Of Seasons Beyond

Freshly fallen winters virgin snow
casting small white particles of
angel dust against the pane of
my broken heart