* Final Sunset Sail Poem by Bonnie Collins

* Final Sunset Sail

Rating: 3.0

When the parting comes to view
and it is apparent that now all
is said and done, why is it that
there is such a need to forget
and move on with your life

Could it be, its the coward's way
out, or could it maybe be, it is
a waste of time to FIX what cant
be repaird?

If I want to love you a lifetime, I shall
there arent enough love written poems
in the world to convince me not to, so you
go on, you ride your horse off to your glorious
sunset, but remember IF I chose to love you
for an eternity, it is MY choice which is not
for you to say, move on, and find your life,
How can I when you took my heart with
you on your final sunset sail.............

Kesav Easwaran 16 May 2009

Moving poem, Bonnie...'now all is said and done'- well, this expression touches the bottom of the heart on re-reading...10

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Shashendra Amalshan 21 May 2009

wow..this one is soo very great..moving and touching indeed..infact this is very true indeed, , how much we write form our heart/..some peoplel dont care...cheers ma'm.. 10+++

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Very moving Bonnie and so stunning as well. He took your heart (and what a romantic title it is) and you have taken mine for quite a long time I would say. 10 Karin Anderson

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Ana Zaldivar 22 May 2009

Boonnniiie! this time in this special poem.. it felt more like a feeling you needed to express than a poem.. i could really feel your emotions! it is great! ! AS ALWAYS BON! Love lots, ana

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Duh Huh 24 May 2009

Well said Bonnie, you tell him. There are some decisions that cannot be made for us. This poem touched me as i felt each word written as i read it. Thank you so much for sharing :)

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Yasmin Khan 12 July 2013

Parting does not mean stop loving someone and how confident you are about your love!

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Lynn Glover 23 June 2010

Beautifully written and like prayer, you can pray and they can't stop you, and as your poem states you can love someone and no one can stop you. Just a great write. Lynn

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Lillian Thomas 02 November 2009

I like the way you use casual speech patterns to get across intimacy. With just a few well-chosen images you make a dramatic statement of love. Thank you or sharing.

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Stacey Watts 20 October 2009

There is a beautiful strength to this piece. I loved the attitude. Do not tell me how long to love you because it is my choice for eternity. Excellent job. Very well written piece.

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Alison Cassidy 12 September 2009

A superb metaphor titles and concludes this perceptive, honest and deeply felt poem about love. I wrote one once called 'The Love is in You'. I think your words here express my belief that the love IS in you, which is why the love never dies, even when you 'move on'. The love nestles in your heart and rears its graceful head at the oddest moments. I guess you take it to your own grave. This is a very moving poem which I'm sure will tug at many a heart string. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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