* A Lifetime Of Endless Tides Poem by Bonnie Collins

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Bonnie Collins

Middletown New York

* A Lifetime Of Endless Tides

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Did you ever look inside a sea
shell, and see the beauty, then
magicly hold it to your ear,
and how you can hear the
waves of distant sea?

Well I have no shell, you have
taken that, but I still recall the
the mystical sounds with
a very faint echo of each wave

So my love you keep our sea shell
you take it with you but remember
the tides will never change, nor will
the aroma of the salty air that filled
our hearts and touched a part of us
bonded by the distant sounds of
what was once upon a time when
a discoverd sea shell could hold
a lifetime of endless tides..........

Mel Vincent Basconcillo 13 April 2009

a poem so touching as this.. beautiful

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 13 April 2009

When soul is touch by some one.........memory of that touch always lingers on............Good Write................

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Andrew Blakemore 14 April 2009

I see you have found inspiration again Bonnie, a beautiful and most touching piece of work. Well done. Love, Andrew xx

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Alison Cassidy 16 April 2009

'A LIfetime of Endless Tides' is a stunning title to this bitter-sweet poem, Bonny. I was watching a tank of hermit crabs at the pet shop the other day. Couldn't take my eyes of the little squatters crawling over each other and the myriad of pretty shells that they had commandeered for their dwelling places. There is something magical about shells, I agree. And something magical about this poem too. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Ana Zaldivar 24 April 2009

Wonderful Bonnie! a very very nice poem.. Oh I missed so much to read your poetry! lovely and well done as always my dear Bonnie

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Smoky Hoss 01 December 2011

This is a beautiful piece of a genuine heart put into warm poetic words. The kind of spiritual music that souls sing.

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Lynn Glover 23 June 2010

Bonnie, This is just and outstanding poem and it can hit the heart of most of us that have experienced lost love. I hope you will continue to write and post on PH and I promise I will read all of them. Lynn

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Angelic Warrior 07 July 2009

i must say....i adore this poem :) ......truly wonderful! ...... :)

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Shashendra Amalshan 21 May 2009

you realy can express your self well ma'm... the imagery is so very great..thanks...nice poem indeed 10+++

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Kesav Easwaran 26 April 2009

Aristocratically romantic...thanks for this enlivening piece, Bonnie...10

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Bonnie Collins

Middletown New York
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