*one Stolen Night Poem by Bonnie Collins

*one Stolen Night

Rating: 3.2

Searching in the darkeness of the
hidden walls of your heart, are the
memories that have grown to haunt
you as days now have become decades

If you dare remember the night we gave
each other the ultimate gift of love, how
tenderly yet passionatly driven with hunger
your kiss was to me, you took me there,
and never let me go, your heart was
beating as fast as time took you from me

To look back now is only a reminder of the
taste of the forbiden fruit that carried us for
a life time of memories of two tender hearts
intoxicated with the desire of one stolen night........

Sadiqullah Khan 31 July 2009

The memory lane, nice write.10

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Duh Huh 01 August 2009

Wow Bonnie, hot hot hot and beautifully tender. Only you could pull something like this off my friend. We all have had moments that we go back to in our minds. Thank you for taking us to yours and for sharing your talent :)

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Andrew Blakemore 01 August 2009

A wonderful poem Bonnie, a reflective masterpiece. I love the way that you brought it to a fitting climax by ending with the title line. One of your very best. Love, Andrew xx

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Shashendra Amalshan 01 August 2009

wowwwwwww... this wonderful indeed. First i was attracted to the title..'One stolen Night'.. And you know what, the poem didn't disapoint me either.. this is great write.. I v been reading love poems these days.. they sort of helps to ease out the mind.. Liked this one.. great job, dear friend! ! ! with lots of love to you Shan

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Lynn Glover 01 August 2009

A very precious demonstration of deep love. Good balance and excellent writing. Lynn Glover

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Kim Barney 10 December 2014

The title grabbed me and really fit the poem. Very well written.

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Lillian Thomas 30 October 2009

Good word choices and very nice images. Many will identify with your poem.

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Irene Clark-hogg 12 August 2009

I also was tempted by your title. Memories, such wonderful things to enhance our life as we get older. Irene

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C. P. Sharma 11 August 2009

Bonnie, as usual it is sad but sweet. Memories bind us with the mundane to feel tormented. I think, it was not the fruit of knowledge but of memory that eve had tasted, lol. Loving regards, CP

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Bonnie, Once again your poem drew me right in to the depth of passion as your work invariably does. The title in itself attracted me and I was not disappointed. Exciting and tender writing. 10 Karin Anderson

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