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In the midst of the well
walked path; with clarity.
I seek to know you well
through a field of serenity.

I seen her vacant eyes.
Before, we called it blues.
Now, it appears outfitted in sublime cues.
Wearing cloudy plum swirls.

If we keep pressing, we'll get diamonds.
Rather, we start the work on our own; it's an anticipated start.
An excitable moment, thrusting systemically with heart.
Lending your hands

Longed fingered and wide hands held this lotus.
Hypnotic fragrance, I released and dew whispered a praise.
In between the violet petal's stems;
blooms widen like the pure Swan's wings.

Basking in true sweetness
from the hand that removes all bitterness;
Yes, my mouth opens; so wide
for the pouring of the honey with no pride.

Some may consider it vanity.
Give me the eye like death.
Because, I say it out loud.

Like some spell, passed down
from African Matriarch, but it's you that donned the crown.
You found a way to my heart, in a trace.
Center and stage, the crowd watches as I danced.

If, you think love is a two-way street...
Let's agree to disagree.
While we stroll hand in hand,
let's talk about our first's


Andra Day, oh how I know it is possible.
Rising in a present day, I the wise can see your troubles.
It is of the old and the new.
A song filled with blues.

Speaking of who I am,
in my heart.
I am a poet;
yet, I do not like to perform.

Wrapped up in the card game.
Hands tight with the next Russian Roulette; chained.
by Luck, high in the cloud.
Chasing it's undefined shape; you've never found.

Why did you prolong the truths?
Did you think I'd knock it out of you?
Pin you down, til you whimper in silent renditions!
By a technique of tug of war with your tongue?

My soul angel, the fluttering feeling;
I got at first glimpse.
To hold you as a whole.
Would I stutter, losing,

Caressing my soul with your admirable tongue.
My mind is open for new comfort zones of optimism.
I crave for your lusty tone.
Seduce me with your savoir-faire, chit chat; my ears are always open.

Twilighted through my lace curtain window, cascading over my tone.
Anticipating, my response to join you in the unknowns.
Unknowns to the slightly knowledgeable of this ecliptic song.
Song of the releasing and giving energy; long.

The song playing in the background,
drifted somewhere beneath me.
Surprisingly, slowly wrapping it's bass around,
My heels.

Wearing your shield of peace.
Dazzling, Amour; to truly defeat.
They gawk in hate.
They admire in faith.

The knocking of its beauty beckon for me to listen.
Though it was my eyes that were entertained.
"Awaken your mind, it's more than a dream or vision."
The tapping tune silenced the noise of confusion.

Bree Z Love Biography

Born in Chicago, Illinois on the South -Side of Chicago; on August 8th 1976. Attended Corpus Christi Catholic School for formative years. These formative years is when the innate creativity began, first with the love of drawing. Reading and music came early and developed into a love for all forms of Art; which was also inspired by both paternal and maternal influences. A family of artist of all kinds from musician, artist and writers. In 1987, moved to Long Beach, California with father; singer of Old School Rhythm and Blues and the group Chi-Lites. Attended Franklin Jr. High and on Woodrow Wilson High and began college education. In 1995, reunited with mother in Austin, Texas and by 1996 moved back to hometown. During the course of time living in Chicago; worked and raised a daughter, as a single mom. Completed Associates of Liberal Arts at Harold Washington City College in 2003. After, a decade of residing in the Windy City; a decision to move to a smaller city for raising a young child was bittersweet. Now, residing in Austin, Texas since 2010 and continued guiding daughter and pursuing higher educational goals. Received BA in Social Psychology with honors in May of 2016. Successfully, reared daughter in similar goals; “my Sunshine” is in first year of college. I began my new journey, to utilize the talents as an Educator of young children. Later, to create forms of teachings through my creative gifts. Following close to my true creator, to walk in my purpose. Sharing lessons through love poems; rather it be love for another or self-love. Preparing for the next book of poems and memoir.)

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Messages In The Sky

In the midst of the well
walked path; with clarity.
I seek to know you well
through a field of serenity.
While others trample over your hidden secrets.
I am determined to find your sequence.

Among the gracious leaves fall.
We nearly missed your beauty.
In the midst of the gigantic winds; comparatively you're small.
Yet, elegantly flying with a surge of courage for duty.
While others search, extraordinary uniforming crest.
And even bold striking forms of colors, I see your red or blue velvet,
or pearly white feathery vest.

I receive you as no mistaken Messenger
in the sky.
No doubt there is no such thing as flying too high.
Soothe Me.
Teach Me.
The true meanings and secrets in the sky.

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