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Born in Chicago, Illinois on the South -Side of Chicago; on August 8th 1976. Attended Corpus Christi Catholic School for formative years. These formative years is when the innate creativity began, first with the love of drawing. Reading and music came early and developed into a love for all forms of Art; which was also inspired by both paternal ...

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Messages In The Sky

In the midst of the well
walked path; with clarity.
I seek to know you well
through a field of serenity.
While others trample over your hidden secrets.
I am determined to find your sequence.

Among the gracious leaves fall.
We nearly missed your beauty.
In the midst of the gigantic winds; comparatively you're small.
Yet, elegantly flying with a surge of courage for duty.
While others search, extraordinary uniforming crest.
And even bold striking forms of colors, I see your red or blue velvet,
or pearly white feathery vest.

I receive you as no mistaken Messenger
in the sky.
No doubt there is no such thing as flying too high.
Soothe Me.
Teach Me.
The true meanings and secrets in the sky.

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Bree Z Love Popularity

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