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My First Day In Poem Hunter

When I heard about this beautiful site
From many poet friends, I was happy
They suggested me to join frequently,
Then I started visiting poems here!

Lord You Come Soon

Oh my dear child Lord,
You come soon to eat,
I have freshly prepared curd,
And I have kept butter in clay pot,


Note about this Odia Poem:
"Oh dear Mother, you are Goddess Saraswati. Knowing that you are giver of Vidyaa (Education and Spiritual knowledge) , we are praying you beholding both hands. First chalk-pen is touched on slate's table and I have written your name in this, Oh dear Mother Bharati, the goddess of Vani (word, letters and speech) . In every school today your pandal is decorated and fried rice, rice seasoned with jaggery and sweet cakes are offered as holy food of worship. Today is the day of Basanta Panchami. We have prepared garland of flowers. Decorating flowers I have made garland for you, oh dear Goddess, giver of Vidyaa. Oh dear Goddess Mother, you accept our offer of holy palm of flowers. Getting your graceful vidyaa, Budhashaya completes this song and surrenders before your holy feet.

ହେ ମାତା ସରସ୍ୱତୀ

I Love My Lord

I love my Lord, he is love of love,
I love my Lord, he is power of living,
My past is burnt and my pain has gone away,
I am in his way of light, I am in heaven,

In This Busy City Of Bangalore

In this busy city of Bangalore,
All are busy and running too much,
Still near this mall I am standing,
Searching for your temples,

Budhashaya Behera Comments

Kumarmani Mahakul 02 February 2020

Budhashaya Behera, who is also known as Meenakshee is a true devotee of Lord and she has expressed her inner feelings in her beautiful poems. I have read her five poems today and reviewed. I highly appreciate her philosophy of expression. After reading her poems my heart is filled with emotion and devotion and inner soul is motivated towards Lord. I hope readers and fellow poets will accept here in PH and encourage her to write more. May God bless her ever!

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Rajnish Manga 03 February 2020

We welcome a promising star on the horizon of this forum. Your humility coupled with the grace of God Almighty shapes your style and depth of thought. My Best Wishes to You.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 30 October 2020

Budhashaya Behera is a Poetess with intense love for God. Through her poems she expresses her devotion and love as a joyful journey of her life. A true Krishna bhakta, she is the Meerabai of this modern era. Thank you dear Poetess, for your wonderful reviews of my poems. A warm welcome back to Poem Hunter. My Namaskar to you.

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Henry wood 25 May 2020

Your poems are happy and joyful,,

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Abdul Qayyum Mulla 05 April 2020

A lot of things she confirmed to us that should to.

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Valsa George 25 February 2020

I am so grateful to Budhashaya Behera....who has a word of appreciation for many of my poems. I have started noticing this humble poetess who has recently risen in the firmament of poem hunter as a shining star. Her devotional poetry is imbued with deep feelings of love and worship for the Lord Krishna and let me call her another Meera! Wish her all the Best!

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Flower Prince 03 February 2020

Wow! Wow! Just I have read poems of this great poetess, who has reflected her thought of devotion in each of her lovely work! Budhashaya Behera is very nice and a genius poetess. This Indian poetess is a mystic poetess. She has great power of motivation that I have realized after reading her beautiful poems. May her pen continue more!

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Budhashaya Behera is an Odia language poetess from Odisha and a devotee of Lord Krishan. She is very pious and spends her time in worship, visiting temples and holy places across the country of India. She loves to write devotional poems in Odia language. English is her second language. She also performs devotional rituals and guides others to have ...

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