In This Busy City Of Bangalore

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In this busy city of Bangalore,
All are busy and running too much,
Still near this mall I am standing,
Searching for your temples,
Oh my child Lord, the player of flute,
I should feed you soon butter,
I know you might be feeling hungry,
Your mother might be very much busy,
But I have enough time for you,
Oh my child, I chant your name.

Where have you gone taking our cows?
It is summer and sun is burning,
All are in comfort
In air-conditioned rooms,
But you are under sun,
You have gone in bare feet,
Sand might be giving burning sensation,
I am feeling your pain as your aunt!

How far the kingdom of life is?
How long in Brundaban you will stay?
Will not you visit Southern India?
Your devotees have built many temples,
You come Bangalore and stay near me,
Your aunt Budhashaya is calling you!

© Budhashaya Behera,16 March 2020. All rights reserved.

In This Busy City Of Bangalore
Monday, March 16, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: mother and child ,prayer,invitation,lord
Edward Kofi Louis 17 March 2020

All in comfort! ! Best with the truth! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Valsa George 17 March 2020

A poem full of devotion for Lord Krishna! The mother instinct to feed the hungry child is so predominant in the poem. The tender affection of an elder towards a child sets the tone of the poem.

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Magadha Rani 16 March 2020

Another excellent poem loaded with love, affection and spiritual innards! Loved reading this magnificent poem (Poetess Magadha)

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Vidya Murali 19 May 2020

V nice poem full of devotion and affection... thanks for sharing ma’am

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Savita Tyagi 22 March 2020

You have made a temple in your heart. I believe the baby Krishna is never away from you. Your devotion is amazing and is the best attraction for your darling nephew. Stay blessed dear Budhashya Behera.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 21 March 2020

In busy city of Bangalore the poetess is searching for child Lord Krishna with much devotion and trust. Krishna will definitely exist in every temple there to prove his duty towards his devotee. The distance between Brundaban and Bangalore will be reduced soon due to much devotion given by devotees and duty done by Lord Krishna. This is an excellent poem very neatly and nicely penned.10

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Rajnish Manga 20 March 2020

What a lovely way to invoke the divine presence of Lord Krishna who is specially adored and worshipped in his child form by devotees everywhere. One can recall the position of Yashodha Maiya, Kanha's foster mother. We appreciate the sentiments expressed by the poet who is also an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.

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Aniruddha Pathak 20 March 2020

While at Bangalore recently I visited the Hare Rama temple on the hillock, and I saw utmost devotional fervour, bhakti, for the deity. Your poem is full of such devotion coming fro heart. Bhakti is one of the four ways to worship God.

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