C. P. Sharma Poems

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Be A Lamp! ! !

Either be a lamp
Sitting at a place,
Emitting light beams
For swarming moths' solace.

A Wish

As stream of consciousness
Changes the course,
Its infinite dimensions arise,
When we rise above this body,

A Sparrow

one fine spring morning
sitting in my chair
newspaper in hand
basking the sun

Am I My Mind? Or My Mind Me? For Ivor. E. Hogg

Mind wanders all around,
It never needs a ground;
Its nature defies control,
It’s used to rock and roll.


(I met Kabir)
This morning when in trance,
At my body I had a glance,
Me, its composition amazed,

Awake, O Man, Awake

When I am on Polo Ground
Many a poem I have found
Friend Krishana there I meet
Him with a new query I greet.

Love Lord's Word

What use is the rosary?
What use is the sword?
If heart doesn’t enshrine
The Name of the Lord.

Nature Is True Guide

They say civilized society needs rules
They who don't follow them are mules
The civilized the laws of Nature flout
Try to knock them out with foul bouts

Amazing Drug Store

Our body is an amazing drug store
Brain, the doctor, health restores.
Administers drugs & dosages accurate,
Without side effects vital force generates.

God! ! ! !

God is One,
He is the Truth.

He manifests in Nature:

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