Amazing Drug Store Poem by C. P. Sharma

Amazing Drug Store

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Our body is an amazing drug store
Brain, the doctor, health restores.
Administers drugs & dosages accurate,
Without side effects vital force generates.

Proper temperature and pressure maintains,
Resists health hazards & informs the brain.
For requisite standards the brain is referred,
It orders the pharmacy for drugs preferred.

It uses the Sun, air, water and food inputs,
It converts them into various salt outputs.
Glands secrete serous, proteins and enzymes,
Surpluses and wastages of the system cleans.

Take a few exercises and regulate breath,
Of food, fruits and milk in Nature no dearth.
Health, beauty and body’s glow attain,
All Divine Grace you yourself can retain.

Martine Kolber 28 May 2009

Very true, and well written!

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Ashraful Musaddeq 18 May 2009

Very nice poem: 'our body is an amazing drug store'. Enjoyed this creative poem a lot. 10++

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Deependra Kumar Jha 28 April 2009

a simple truth well expressed. Loved it.

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Miriam Maia Padua 27 April 2009

very true write.. interesting...very impressive.. it expressed how amazing and powerful is god.. Our God who created us...and lets us have this borrowed body.. to take care of... 10+++

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rago rago 27 April 2009

The mieu and works always controlled by the mind. ....... simple truth.

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Yes Sir…best doc is body …inbuilt ‘homeostasis’ [‘auto-regulation-adaptation-adoption’] Its wonderful concept…finally an adage ‘nature is best teacher and doctor’ Vis Medicatrix Naturae [Gr.] healing power of body … Hippocrates believed that an organism is not passive to injuries or disease, but rebalances itself to counteract them. Voted 10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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Rachel Butler 13 October 2009

Health, beauty and body’s glow attain, All Divine Grace you yourself can retain. Rachel Ann Butler

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Ivor Hogg 09 September 2009

How very true although sometimes we may need a little assistance in geberal he body self regulates successfully

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Saadat Tahir 06 June 2009

hi sharma...very potent medication mantra of the preventionists... an im on board allthe way cheers an ten

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a beautiful poem for our body who is not only a drug store but oh what wondfully body we have which have many function..our body is a creative poetry in itself...10++++ liked this topic

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C. P. Sharma

C. P. Sharma

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