Am I My Mind? Or My Mind Me? For Ivor. E. Hogg Poem by C. P. Sharma

Am I My Mind? Or My Mind Me? For Ivor. E. Hogg

Rating: 3.1

Mind wanders all around,
It never needs a ground;
Its nature defies control,
It’s used to rock and roll.

When it finds the fertile ground,
It takes you on merry-go-round;
All impossible looks so possible,
You feel all in life is Rosabelle.

It is the apple of all discord,
It makes people draw sword;
Into abysmal hell it throws,
You bear barbaric blows.

Like cowards everyday I die,
And in infernal fire I fry;
And the parting pain we feel,
It deems life a difficult deal.

I am not mind nor mind me,
Mind plays see-saw with the sea.
Ultimately the heart consoles,
Eternal rest-house is the soul;

Ivor Hogg 28 July 2009

A somewhat belated reply C.P Indeed I am not my mind nor is my mind me. I think we are all a great deal more than we realise.We progress hopeful; y from life to life until we achieve sufficient merit.What happens next I dare not even guess

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Meggie Gultiano 30 May 2009

this is a great write...

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A deep duality where philosophical poems come and emerge from.10.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 26 May 2009

Your mind is flying like a multi-colored kite in the sky as if we can see that from far distance. Idea of separating the mind from the body is marvelous. I amazed at the poetic value of this piece, cheers,10+++

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Christopher Lee 26 May 2009

so, when a human being dies is it the invincible mind that dies or the spirit or what? i am searching....wonderful poem Sir its like the Gita of my Lord Krishna....wonderful

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Marcus Mckinley 30 September 2016

the mind is free like a kite and the conscious is the string that keeps you grounded. yes anything is possible if you can truly cut the string!

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 17 December 2015

your mind must be like a merry go round going round and round but d stay sound

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Drishti Magoo 06 October 2009

such beautiful and active description! get going! tc

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Nalini Hebbar 15 September 2009

i liked this one...asks questions and makes you think...regards

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Irene Clark-hogg 30 July 2009

A delightful poem. I do enjoy poems that make the reader think. Am I my mind or is my mind me, Or has it a seperate identity? Perhaps a device not part of man or soul, A font of knowledge to make me whole. Irene

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C. P. Sharma

C. P. Sharma

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