Carmen Cilla Cook Poems

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Wish I Could Make It Better

Wish I could make it better
A mother tells a crying child, with a scraped up knee that’s bleeding, it’s okay though never mind.
Wish I could make it better
Says your best friend from your school, when a love has ripped your heart out, and you just feel like a fool

Wish You Well

Hold no guilt, from the life that one built
Those walls are thin, and often cave in
Support lines are short, for they can’t be bought
One can’t return, and this time have learned

Who Is Mum

Who is there singing a sweet lullaby
Who is there when you think that you can fly
Who is there when you run right out of milk
Who is there brushing your hair till its turns to silk

Sweet Revenge

Are you feeling the water, that boils in the pot
Can you feel that dam temperature getting real hot
Are you watching him talking, with finesse and such charm
But you wish you could only inflict pain and much harm


Look at a photo of you and me,
what is it there that you can see?
An uncle, an aunt, a child, a wife
Always a part of someone’s life

I Wonder Why

I wonder why, I met this guy
That said he’d never tell a lie
I wonder why, I took huge risks
To end up on his hit man lists


For Kelly
We met one day in town
From then I needed him around
So head over heels in love with him


Here I lay and quietly pray
The wind is a blowin, ’ and the sky is grey
Mother Nature is a pushin, ’ wish this wind would go away
Heavy is the Burden, hanging right above me


Dedicated to Shaley

Without you, no blood is carried through my veins,


Make a decision it’s totally yours
The final choice, is to you for your call
Go here, no go there
Wear this sweater, change that hair

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