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The empty and lonely sky
yet, so serene and still
and at scorching noon
Why am I eager?

Most pray for
Wealth, wisdom and health
For self and for
Near and dear

O my svelte lass
Yearn to touch
Your lustrous feet
And wish to pass through

At times,
You excite me so much
And many a time
Deeply hurt me too

If we were to have
Just One Leg:

How could we -

A poet must be really crazy
He chooses to understate,
And at times overstates

it's in the silence
It's in the rhythm
It's in the rhyme
It's in the flow

There is an immense
Pleasure my friend
In giving and sharing,
with deserving needy

Feel the presence
Of omnipotent;
Through the tender touch
Of a gentle wind

A infant cries incessantly
and the warm blood flows beneath,
Kissing his soft palms
playing with its warm embrace

Take you on merry-go-round
Buy you pretty things around
Singing pleasant songs my fond
Recite moving poems to bond

Hey Man!
Take a pause
Look around
And hear the sound


All are equal
For nature’s catastrophe

Religion is the reason
to like, or to dislike me
to identify, or not to
to encourage, or to discourage

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I hail from a tiny village near Bangalore, India. a graduate of law and a post graduate of commerce and management, currently practicing law as an independent counsel at the Hon'ble Courts of Bengaluru and served in electronic media, IT and NBFC industries for over 2 decades and having an immense passion for life, nature and learning, deeply interested in theatre, music and literature. I write in Kannada and in English and have published my first collection of poems in Kannada titled as “Mussanjeya Mukhaamukhi” and in English 'Paradise of Fantasies'.)

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An Encounter

The empty and lonely sky
yet, so serene and still
and at scorching noon
Why am I eager?
To spot the celestial clouds
Moving in tune and rows of ibis
Fly in rhythm

Why did I?
Snatch the book
And turn the pages so hastily
While trying to resist
An intense outburst!

Why am I so restless?
To find the heavenly leaves
Of light green to dun
Dancing in tune with gentle wind
On naked tree!

Why am I?
to collect so hurriedly
and breathlessly
All that junk food
And had it all so swift
to feel copiously relieved!

Here is the damn newspaper
lying fast asleep
And I wander impolitely
Biting nails with heavy perspiration.
took it uu and tored, crushed and threw
it all to hungry dustbin awaiting next
and felt immensely relaxed!

As the intense heat at last
Began to recede hesitantly
The dirty swollen red face
Still groans and moans
To accept its defeat

oh, a bright soothing twilight
and it's time for another encounter
now, a pleasing and a graceful mind
Still boasts of a feigned anger

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Chandrashekar a posy poet Popularity

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