A Posy Poet! Poem by Chandrashekar a posy poet

A Posy Poet!

Rating: 4.8

A poet must be really crazy
He chooses to understate,
And at times overstates
He yells, laughs and screams
And is quick to embrace solitude
And devour oblivion,
He changes like sun,
Moon and the season
and never a common!
Like Children
He yearns for attention
And ever ready for intoxication
Of poetry, wine, women or green
And by any chance if smitten by love
that's it my lord!
He becomes anything and everything
And cares damn about a thing
Mind you, he writes with authority about all that
Above the earth and beneath the sky!
A pretty punk perhaps...
He hates to the core!
The mighty and spares not even an almighty
He haunts the crony capitalists
And discards bureaucrats, corrupts, hypocrites
and all that annoying routine chores
And at ease endures being poor
With zeal befriends a sage or savage
He can never be disciplined and no conditions apply.
Thus, this creature is truly beyond any description!
Mark my words...
He loves being that way
and always lives his way.

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 24 March 2009

Dear Chandrashekar! This is a very romantic and traditional concept of a poet but most of the contents of your poem are true. A wonderful poem. Best Wishes Naseer

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Yash Shinde 25 October 2012

truly truthful poem.....good description of the poets...............well penned well written liked it :)

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Patrick A. Martin 16 September 2009

Darn1! ! ! ! I knew someone would find me out. Didn't think it would be a poet was all. 10

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Patti Masterman 01 July 2009

Great poem, and it even suggests the creation of new poems because it is so fertile with ideas.

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Meggie Gultiano 14 June 2009

LOL.. am glad i'm not a poet, will never be..i am just a scribbler..Putting the words in my mind at rest..

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Reshma Ramesh 10 April 2009

haha! ! great description of as poet...................wellpenned

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