Entreaty Poem by Chandrashekar a posy poet


Rating: 5.0

O my svelte lass
Yearn to touch
Your lustrous feet
And wish to pass through
Your radiant skin
On winter's dawn

O my portrait of heaven
Crave to swallow
Your warmest breathe
And wish to follow
Your pleasant odor
on twilight's delight

O my paradise of planet
Eager to feel
Your sway of silky hair
And wish to mislay
The seductive argument
On full moon night

O my queen of dreams
Dream to embrace
Your pristine soul
And wish to entwine
with your tempting contour
And be enthralled!

Seema Aarella 10 September 2009

Any damsel wrought of beauty and love.....would not turn down this passionate plea.....is these words or your heart laid bare! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Wonderful write!

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Chitra - 12 September 2009

expressions of fine calibre...enjoyed reading this poem

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rago rago 14 September 2009

very fine indeed and beautiful.................

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 14 September 2009

Love, beauty and peace prevail throughout this wonderful poem.......10/10.

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Carol Gall 14 September 2009

lovely poem filled by love 10

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Patti Masterman 16 September 2009

Lots of nice imagery and sensation intermingled.

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Reshma Ramesh 16 September 2009

awe...........this is such a beautiful, magical write.......well done

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Catrina Heart 15 September 2009

a great soothing pieces...wonderful imagery used......loved it!

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Sandhya S N 14 September 2009

love packed stanzas... well written regards sandhya

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Indira Babbellapati 14 September 2009

very very soothing to read...

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