Paradise Of Fantasies, The Poem by Chandrashekar a posy poet

Paradise Of Fantasies, The

Rating: 4.8

At times,
You excite me so much
And many a time
Deeply hurt me too
Throwing up surprises
Is no strange for you
And smart enough for
Deeds melancholy

Still I wait in vain
For the moment of magic
Through myriad touches
And it's great to feel such
Immense sighs of relief

You fill
Brimming courage
To sail through life
And take me round
The layers of choke
You chuckle me often
And puzzle me too

The sense of rhythm
In every swing
With varied angles
And countless heights

You pass through lungs
And cheer them up
You keep them high
And make them fly

With stunning beauty
You thrill my sight
And naughty enough
To make me gay

You haunt me
As an Eagle in sky
And soak me well with
The paradise of fantasies

You move my soul
And often
Prove your role

Well, in case
You fail to emote
Any of these
Then for sure
You are never
My ardent verse

Dr Hitesh Sheth 09 April 2009

praise of verses in word terse.....good write..........

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Barry A. Lanier 10 April 2009

layer upon layer of fantazical stimulation from apparently the subjects fantasy love or otherwise real one, , , , , ,

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rago rago 10 April 2009

A fantastic write each line carries value.........and it is exotic.....surprises always there not only in love but in life too......

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Catrina Heart 10 April 2009

The ardent verse, the inspiration of lives and fantancy of creative minds must always give paradise? ? ? Great imagery here........Thanks!

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Indira Babbellapati 10 April 2009

rendezvous with your lady muse...interesting!

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Chitra - 12 April 2009

exotic, heart warming and soul stirring Sir, thank you for sharing

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Laron Green Sr. 11 April 2009

nice job it have a mean nice

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Eyan Desir 10 April 2009

Good flow I kind of got lose in the poem But its was good

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Allemagne Roßmann 10 April 2009

Fantastic...i love the flow..10

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a fantastic write with excellent flow and beauty....10

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