Learn To Lose Poem by Chandrashekar a posy poet

Learn To Lose

Rating: 5.0

Most pray for
Wealth, wisdom and health
For self and for
Near and dear

At times
Might well
Pray for
One and all

For certain
One does
Is in its

Is there any one
Who has nothing to pray for?
Who has no one to pray for?
Who has no one to pray to?

There might be one,
I mean,
At least one!
Who might do so?
Most likely the one
Who has enormous patience?
A keen observer and a great listener,
A forgiver and truly a humanist!

Who loves everyone and appeals for
Peace, Love and Harmony,
The one, who has learnt to lose,
And immensely pleased to lose
He has nothing
But himself to lose

Hey Man!
Who the hell is he?
Wait Man
Am yet to find

Shakuntala Sharma 14 September 2009

Sure! you will find one- if not, in the process you will make yourself the 'one' you are looking for!

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Indira Babbellapati 14 September 2009

...and there're quite a few who lost themselves too...they simply surrendered!

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 14 September 2009

a very hard find indeed

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Sandhya S N 14 September 2009

simply beautiful... sure it is very hard to find such a person.. Please let me know if you find one... regards sandhya

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Kesav Easwaran 21 September 2009

good worthwhile poet's pursuit Chandra...thanks...10

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Tamara - Hanaring 18 September 2009

I LOVE THIS ONE..a thought for today..beautifulone

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Reshma Ramesh 16 September 2009

i wonder......well done

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Patrick A. Martin 16 September 2009

Should not this be the holy grail. The quest for self? Just asking.

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R. H. Peat 14 September 2009

Many do not pray to have communion with their God. Chanting, meditation, contemplation. silence. and even pain (self flagellation) is or has bee used by some to commune with their creator, or creation. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else I see no problem with it at all. None of these things are prayer. They are other practices that brought someone results which were then pasted on to others. There are many forms and practices from the Hindu to Native American and other primitive peoples as well that work for the individuals involved. Even the Dervishes did their spinning dances. Freedom to belief in God is a right that begins in the individual's heart. Condemnation and prejudice are easy when someone is different in some way. The creation of the practice to be exclusive and by not being inclusive in concept and action is why there are many wars in the world. Such judgments are narrow in scope. And bring many no other choice than to stand up for what they believe in their own hearts to be true. a poet friend RH Peat

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