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Time stops
It all stops
When we stop
Because life stops


I come home from your office
Throw myself against the wall
The thoughts swirling in my mind
They make me want to fall,

If I opened up to you
I would just have to be true
And stop holding on.

There I run, within the lane
I turn to see her next to me- A girl.
My dark brown hair a sleek mane
Through which to her I call,

This is for Justine, the girl who keeps me going, the girl of my last stanza. Thanks, J (:

Without love,

Without love,
I am no longer human
My skin is numb
My pain tingling

What we once wished for
we now regret
For what we once wanted
Was part of the past

You see me
Walking on a train track
Hips swayin'
Music playing

The scars I have
The heart I wear on my sleeve
All the old boys
Left heir own mark on me


Handcuffed to the bed
I’m a sex slave all for you
Please what the hell
Are you trying to do

This bite I take
I will regret later
What is my fate, or
Lack there made

Bones charred around me
Flesh shriveled ascendingly
Loving the sights, I am free
Mom, why can’t you see?

When his hand lays upon me,
All I ever can see
Is the memory of he
Who really had me.

Out the door

Into the world

White walls to you
They’re black to me
Confined in the prison
Of my own Misery

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See into me and I will show you what life does when left in a thirteen year old`s hands. I experience so much, so often, writing is my only outlet. Sure it's raunchy and gory, but that's the truth, is it not? I write the truth of what I see, what I think, what I know, but also of the other side, the unknown. Talk to me and I will tell you, and perhaps life from there on out is changed. xx it's two years later, and that is the biggest bullshit I have ever managed. sorry for being such a pretentious twat xx)

The Best Poem Of Charlotte Andreski

Stop Time,

Time stops
It all stops
When we stop
Because life stops
Our future

The butterflies
fold their wings

The birds
stop chirping
morning songs
Nobody cares
to listen

The sun
her face away
doesn't want to see
what's in store

The clouds
Gloom overhead
Darkness spreading rapidly

The butterflies
open their wings
open their beauty,
art unseen,
now seen

The birds
sing a melody
'Why does
the caged bird sing? '
We know now.

The sun
positive light
to shed
good time is ahead

The clouds
over the horizon
Darkness gone
Misery leaving

Time stops
It all stops
When we stop
Because life stops
to show us
what time really is

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