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It was a fine sunny day when I first met him,
Tall, dark and handsome, dimples on his cheeks;
I truly admired this man,
The wholeness in him brought thrill to my heart.

Nothing like you, can't compare how I feel,
The feeling of everything! The luckiest, the happiest;
The one who teaches me how to be myself,
Whom that belongs to someone in the hidden depths.

Waking up in a morning breeze,
Rain pouring down the street;
Warm light that tames the windchill,
Loving the smell of a coffee haze.

It was raining too hard outside,
Couldn't help but think of you;
You are the loveliest person ever,
That dwells in my heart, taking me out of the blue.

It seems that poetry can't be easily understood by everyone,
Only those who have a deep keen mind;
Every stroke of a fingertip,
Imagining thousands of thoughts it finally brings.

Why there are some people who could hear you a thousand words and still not understand you? ...
A big question that blows my mind.
How can you think without thinking?
Feeling without feeling,

Hello to my sweet, lovely Bench,
The ample of my eyes and quench;
He made myself blithe and loved,
Cuddling me tender, oh so tight.

B - ears
E - nlightment
R - adiant
N - oble


I'm not sure of the prose
But the only thing I know
Is I love You
And I Will Love You Forever

There's something in you
That I'm unable to resist,
The way you touch my heart,
Deep within my soul.

B - e Alright
E - each Day
R - ising Sun
N - ever Let You Down

Life without Love and Music is bland,
It lingers through heart and soul all at once.


I want to bake something,
A scrumptious one, because I feel so upset;
Something sweet may do,
To ease the burden stuck in my head.

I'm so much in love with you,
The sparkle in your eyes;
That the moon could only see it.
That feeling can lit the dying candle light;

Midnight lace and pearls
Shaded the shadow of night;
Dim light across the path
Intertwined two hearts tonight.

Under the moonlight,
Still thinking of you;
The love that was once cherished
Has vanished into the blue.

My saddest soul,
Doesn't know how to smile again;
Doesn't even know the reason,
Maybe you can help her?

Morning haze, soft breeze,
I love the mist on my cheeks;
I wish a brand new start,
Bright sun amidst the day.

Deeps and hollows
Shattered emotions free;
Where am I?
Lost in the middle of the ocean...

That thorn inside her heart.
Weathered and worn,
All the butterflies, they all just died.
The wolf was so in love with the moon;

The Best Poem Of Cheryl Tutaan

My First Love

It was a fine sunny day when I first met him,
Tall, dark and handsome, dimples on his cheeks;
I truly admired this man,
The wholeness in him brought thrill to my heart.

He was my first crush, my first love,
I loved his eyes glued on my eyes;
I could hear his heartbeat as mine,
His actions truly brought me pure delight.

Loving me so pure, caring for me so sure,
His palm on my cheeks, kissing me so tender;
His arms around my waist, hugging me so secured,
How would I forget that?
The joy it brought to my heart never went away.

But why did we have to say goodbye?
Why did we have to go separate ways?
The love that once we cared for
Had gone somewhere else.

I wished I could embrace you for the last time,
I wished I could see you one more time;
I'm just here waiting for you,
We won't forget each other, right?

Time goes by,
As more than two decades have passed,
Here in the middle of nowhere,
Even your shadow is unseen.

It was all my fault, my flaws are killing me,
Here inside my heart,
Where my love for you resides;
Once, you told me that you would wait for me...
All the doubts in your heart,
Surely fainted you to decide.

The gray cloud has turned into white,
Blooms and prunes have dried on each side;
Cry the loudest mourn, feel the hardest pain,
The unseen shadow shows up again.

Destined to meet you once more,
It's the most wonderful moment of my life;
Now that you're here,
I can almost feel your touch,
Even your lips too can't hide the longing inside.

I love to walk with you in a park,
With smiles on our faces, glows in our hearts;
Watching movies together, eating dinner by your side,
Simple things in life,
That once we both wished to happen in real life.

I love you so much, that's the only thing I know,
The love we have found inside,
Has been cherished between the two of us;
Nothing more I can ask for,
You've completed me that way.

You've made me laugh more than anyone else.
I'm the best me when I am with you,
You make me happy in a way no one else can,
Sounds familiar, isn't it?
That's how I feel every time we are together.

How happy my heart is,
The way you care for me once again;
I always feel safe and sound by your side,
The second time around,
Things just make more sense.

Remember the time when we first met?
Our souls began touching one another,
My first love that is always alive,
lives all the time in my heart;
You are recognized by my heart, right before my eyes,
I'll do anything for a second chance with my first love.

SweetLyrehc© 050317

Cheryl Tutaan Comments

Bernard F. Asuncion 26 April 2017

Such a promising writer, editor, and TV director..... Her works are truly commendable. I hope many people around the world may find inspiration from her poems...

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 16 September 2017

A rare poem of love that can stabilize any unsettled over one's forties or fifties. True love linger in th e mind and soul like the spring upon the petals of the flowers. Such a pure love. Such a pure passion. A sense of fullness, completeness when the soul mate is there. I discovered my sister soul in someone so late. I have undergone such sweet tender feelings over these passing years. The same burning without ashes formed, only the fire is prevalent. You are in my views one of the most adorable poet of love. I thank God for being born to the same planet where you are, in whatever form and wherever place, I feel a kind of not being alone in the plane of intellect and psyche. Thanks great poetess once again, Regards. Subhas

16 0 Reply
Bernard F. Asuncion 03 October 2017

You're such a gifted poetess, Cheryl.....

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Rini Shibu 03 November 2017

Cheryl your poems are sweet as you.. Keep writing

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Bernard F. Asuncion 16 April 2020

Cheryl is a clever composer of excellent poems😍😍😍

4 1 Reply
Bernard F. Asuncion 23 December 2020

Cheryl is a brilliant poetess who marvelously writes wonderful poems🌹🌹🌹

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Bernard F. Asuncion 22 December 2020

Cheryl is an outstanding writer who awesomely authors astonishing poems👌👌👌

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Bernard F. Asuncion 21 December 2020

Cheryl is a wonderful scribe who sensibly composes exciting poems😍😍😍

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Bernard F. Asuncion 20 December 2020

Cheryl is an amazing writer who positively creates optimistic opuses👌👌👌

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Bernard F. Asuncion 19 December 2020

Cheryl is a brilliant poetess who magnificently writes wonderful poems🌹🌹🌹

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Cheryl Tutaan Quotes

Life without Love and Music is Bland.

'The poet's musings, feelings and prose, do belong to the reader, not the earlier.'

'SELF LOVE is the sound of SANITY.'

'The greatest feeling in this world is when you feel that there is life inside your womb.'

Being 'parosmic' is awful and dumb, but keeping the faith make us heal as one!

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Cheryl Tutaan Popularity

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