Chinedu Dike Poems

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Mandela - The Immortal Icon

The Peace Warrior Of Mzansi, among heroes - a colossus!
Sun Of The Nation; a rare gift of Providence.
Once, entangled in the web of racist succubus;
Unruffled he declares before High Justice:

The Phoenix Strangler

With promise of job,
he lured her into a cane field.
His gentleness a veil of sanity.
Lurking in his mind,

Poetic Masterpiece

Poetic Masterpiece: A Childbirth Of Profundity.
Like delivery of Divine Revelations 
which favours calmness of wilderness;  
It's brought forth in Creative-Glory-Of-Solitude:

Mzansi And The Ballot Box

Millions queued in lines before Arbiter Of Disputes.
Hopes were high,
Duty and resolve holding firm.
Hearts dance with spirit of Emancipation,

The Obsessive Agony Of Lust

Self lost in obsessive agony,  
Your primal passion - a flaming ferocity,  
The raging fire consumes your dignity,  
And shame is put to slumber.

Children Of The Street

In their faces a colourless gaping of life's adversity:
the hopeless grief of a hellish existence;
Malnourished, starving, filth and olfactory horrors;  
Their humiliating nothingness clothed in rags;

Anc And The Struggle

January 1912, Mzansi brought forth a child 
In a harsh political climate 
Destined to free her people
Bound to cruel Fate

Colossal Miscarriage Of Justice

Kind face contorted by torture of severe whipping,
His body a mass of torn bleeding tissue.
Cruelty stretched beyond limits of endurance,
scouring was halted on the brink of death.

The Abyss Of Drug Addiction

In a wayward adventure in curiosity —
lured away from savvy of cooler judgment,  
he oversteps the bounds of reality 
into a state of altered awareness.

The Evil Face Of Religion

Since the dawn of humanity, the annals
of Religion have been littered with awful tales.
Sacred scriptures have blessed lives —
and maimed them.

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